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  • Hillsong Church: Special Guests

    9 seasons

    Join friends of Hillsong Church as they bring a powerful message from the Word of God.

  • Hillsong Israel Tour: Caesarea


    The Hillsong Israel Tour concludes from Caesarea with a worship service lead by Hillsong United and a special message from Pastor Brian Houston about the message of Jesus, and how we are called to carry His message to the ends of the Earth.

  • Hillsong Teaching with Nathanael Wood

    1 season

    Nathanael is the Hillsong State Leader for New South Wales, Australia. He has a passion for preaching and speaking on leadership capacity and development. His teachings inspire, challenge and help people move forward in the things God has for them. He and his wife, Bec live in Sydney with their 4...

  • Let's Talk with Brian Houston & Bishop T.D. Jakes


    A very special episode of Let's Talk with Brian Houston and Bishop T.D. Jakes as they speak honestly about the current awakening happening across the world to the injustice of racism. What can we do as individuals and as the church to be leaders in changes?

  • Hillsong Worship: God is Able

    Movie + 12 extras

    Experience Hillsong Worship’s album recording of God is Able live at the Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia.

  • The Story
    1 season

    The Story

    1 season

    Be inspired by true stories of ordinary people walking out their faith in an extraordinary God, seeing the reality of Gods Promises and pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Jentezen Franklin

    14 videos

    Jentezen Franklin is the senior pastor of Free Chapel, a church based in Gainesville, Georgia with multiple campuses across 3 states. Jentezen is a New York Times best-selling author, and has written books like ‘Fasting’, ‘Right People Right Place Right Plan’ and ‘Acres of Diamonds’. His weekly t...

  • Worship Classics by Hillsong


    Worship with us in this journey through classic Hillsong praise and worship including Eagle’s Wings, Mighty to Save & This Is How We Overcome.

  • Missing Persons: A21 10-Year Film


    A21 believes in a world without slavery. For a decade now, they've rolled up their sleeves and set their feet to action. Freedom is A21's goal for every human being on the planet.

  • Leadership Collective

    1 season

    Join a panel of influential leaders from around the world hosted by Darren Kitto, discussing some of the biggest questions facing leaders in all spheres of life.

  • There is More Tour Special


    Experience Hillsong’s 2018 There is More tour. Featuring a powerful message from Pastor Brian Houston and incredible worship from the Hillsong team.

  • Sex, Love and Relationships: Specials

    3 videos

    Join relationship experts John and Helen Burns and special guests in candid interviews as they explore the areas of dating, marriage and parenting.

  • Colour Car Rides

    4 videos

    Join Karalee Fielding as she drives some of our Hillsong team to Colour Conference 2020. We get to hear the journey, personal stories and hilarious moments from the likes of David Ware, Jonathon Douglass, Annie Garratt and so many more. This is a car ride you don’t want to miss!

  • Real Love (Music Video)


    Official music video for Real Love, from Hillsong Young & Free's album Youth Revival.

  • The Last Arrow

    1 season

    The Last Arrow is your roadmap to a life that defies odds and alters destinies. Discover what it means to live with no regrets as Erwin McManus, cultural pioneer and Lead Pastor of MOSAIC, inspires you through scripture and insight to experience the life you were convinced was only a dream.

  • Alive (Music Video)


    Official music video of Hillsong Young & Free's debut single, Alive, released in 2013.

  • Andrew Denton Book Special


    Join businessman Andrew Denton for this exclusive interview on his first book, “Kingdom Builders”. Andrew opens up about his own personal journey in business and he came to be a Kingdom Builder; living a life that turns vision into reality.

  • Another In The Fire (Music Video)


    Official Music Video for 'Another In The Fire' by Hillsong UNITED and TAYA, released in 2020.

  • A. R. Bernard

    4 videos

    Dr. A. R. Bernard has a Master of Urban Studies and a Master of Divinity, while also awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from Wagner College, and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary. Together with his wife Karen they pastor Christian Cultural ...

  • Awake My Soul (with Tasha Cobbs Leonard) [Lyric Video]


    Official Lyric Video for 'Awake My Soul' with Tasha Cobbs Leonard, from Hillsong Worship's album Awake released in 2020.

  • Back To Life (Music Video)


    Official music video for Hillsong Young & Free's 'Back To Life'.

  • Behind Now with Natalie


    Join Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Natalie Manuel Lee as they discuss the new Hillsong Channel series Now with Natalie and why the conversation about purpose and identity is so important in society today.

  • Best Friends (Live)


    Watch the live recording in Sydney, Australia, of Hillsong Young & Free's song, Best Friends!

  • Best Friends (Music Video)


    Offical music video of Hillsong Young & Free's single, Best Friends.