Be That

Be That

6 Episodes

In an era of social media where technically we are meant to feel more connected, we are more isolated and disconnected than ever. Groups like ‘Be That’ exist to change this. They sought a crew of Clinical Psychologists to develop relevant resources to encourage people to meet up and connect through intentional and empowering conversations. The Be That TV Show shares real stories of how people have overcome and found freedom through the challenges of life.

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Be That
  • Intentional Joy

    Episode 1

    In this topic, we explore the ways we can create and sustain a joyful life no matter our current circumstances. If you feel you’re lacking excitement for life or are desperate to experience deep fulfilment each day, this topic is for you as it encourages each one of us to reflect on our life goal...

  • Build Courage for the New

    Episode 2

    Ever felt a calling to pursue a new direction for your life but fear, uncertainty and self-doubt held you back? Creating a new path for our lives can be daunting, it takes strength and courage! In this episode we’ll explore how to overcome fear and find the courage to forge a new path. We’ll disc...

  • The Pursuit of Passion

    Episode 3

    Pursuing a passion takes determination and steadfast commitment to give it your best even in the moments when the future is unclear. It's important to remember that the outcome isn't where the most passion is found, but rather in the journey. Someone who has stuck it out is professional surfer Re...

  • Burn Out

    Episode 4

    Have you ever felt like you have reached the end of your capacity, that your tanks have completely run dry, and that a few nights of good sleep or a holiday won’t fix it? Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion, caused by excessive and prolonged stress, and it is estimate...

  • Perseverance

    Episode 5

    Life is not always straight forward. It can throw us a lot of curve balls and it is up to us to decide how we are going to manage those situations. Every decision you and I have made has led us to where we are today. When things get hard, that is not the time to give up, blame or avoid. I wrote t...

  • Boundaries in Relationships

    Episode 6

    In life we are called to love one another selflessly, and give without conditions, but where do we draw the line and how do we recognise the limits of our responsibility? What do we do when we are hurting in a relationship, or if it’s drawing precious energy from the other important areas of our ...