Best of Hillsong Conference

Best of Hillsong Conference

10 Seasons

Take a front row seat at Hillsong Conference and explore Bible-based teaching with fresh insight and truth. Join guests such as T.D. Jakes, John Maxwell, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Hillsong's Global Senior Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston.

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Best of Hillsong Conference
  • Judah Smith

    Episode 1

    How are you going to respond when your momentum is challenged? Judah Smith teaches from Mark 4, reminding us of our Messiah who slept on a pillow during an extreme storm. What is Mark saying to us? And is it really necessary to mention the pillow?

  • Remove the Root - T.D. Jakes

    Episode 2

    TD Jakes preaches a challenging word titled “Remove the Root”. God's not going to cut the tree of your past to the ground; He's going to pull it out at the root. God is going to cut and dig and pull until He gets every bit of it out so that you can walk around totally free.

  • The Greater the Pressure, the Greater the Treasure - T.D. Jakes

    Episode 3

    Join TD Jakes for his message titled, “The greater the pressure, the greater the treasure”. You can't get precious oil by spending dollars, real oil only comes when pressure is applied to your soul, and the greater the pressure, the greater the treasure.

  • The Devil is a Liar - T.D. Jakes

    Episode 4

    TD Jakes delivers a powerful message titled, “The devil is a liar”. The blood of Jesus is where God draws a line in the sand and says, “I'm going to break every curse so that the next generation doesn't have to go through what the past generation went through”.

  • The Ring is the Thing - Ed Young

    Episode 5

    Ed Young delivers an encouraging message about the church and what it should be for people. His message titled “The ring is the thing”, talks about how the radically rescued rescue radically. The church is not a yacht club; the church is a rescue society.