Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson and his wife Beni are the senior leaders of Bethel Church in Redding, California since 1996 with a one-word mission statement: revival. Bill has always sought to learn how to host the presence of God and minister to Him. Bill is passionate about seeing the wisdom of God outworked through the church, government, education and the arts. Bill travels across the world to share what he has learned through his experience, teaching and equipping people to live a supernatural life.

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Bill Johnson
  • Under an Open Heaven - Bill Johnson

    Pastor Bill Johnson explains that there is something about the heart of God which cannot be displayed by Christians who are programmed to simply operate out of obedience to ritual and law. God wants to reveal Himself through the fulfilled dreams of His yielded people.

  • The Renewed Mind - Bill Johnson

    Pastor Bill Johnson teaches us what the real essence of the Gospel means for us. Jesus prayed, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven", and this is what we're called to do - bring heaven to earth.

  • Bill Johnson with Cass & Rich Langton

    In this episode Cass & Rich Langton speak to pastor Bill Johnson, Senior Leader Bethel Church about following God’s calling, his teaching model and giving opportunity for others to rise up. He talks about revival, God’s goodness, the glory of God, and the mystery of God.

  • Day 4 - Interview with Bill Johnson, Senior Leader of Bethel Church

    Watch this 2019 backstage interview with your hosts and Bill Johnson, Senior Leader of Bethel Church. They discuss key, impactful moments in his conference sermon, and Bill shares around pursuing miracles.

  • Bill Johnson with Nathan Finochio

    Host Nathan Finochio sits down and talks to Hillsong Conference 2019 guest speaker Bill Johnson.