Brave with Bobbie Houston

Brave with Bobbie Houston

12 Episodes

Join Pastor Bobbie Houston as she explores the lives of brave women from the Bible; including Esther, the Queen of Sheba and Mary, and draw inspiration from their modern day counterparts.

Brave with Bobbie Houston
  • Esther: Legacy Never Gets Old - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 1

    Pastor Bobbie Houston explores the compelling story of the Biblical Queen Esther, magnifying the legacy and generational perspective she carried. We also see a striking glimpse into the life of Lucille Pippett, a modern day girl who embodies those same generational characteristics.

  • The Queen of Sheba: Seeker - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 2

    Taya Smith shares her own personal faith journey in a beautiful creative retelling of her testimony. Then Hillsong Teaching Pastor, Robert Fergusson, explores the mysterious Biblical story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

  • Some Things Just Never Get Old - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 3

    Pastor Bobbie Houston picks up where she left off her 2016 Colour Conference message titled: 'Some Things Just Never Get Old'. Lean in as Ps Bobbie explores some of the timeless aspects of life and faith through both hilarious anecdotes, and poignant moments.

  • Joanna, A Follower of Jesus - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 4

    Today we explore the stretch of juggling work, ministry and family as we see the beautiful story of a modern day woman told through art. And Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson gives context to the Biblical Joanna - a woman of means who defied cultural norms to support the ministry of Jesus.

  • The Woman with the Issue of blood - Julia A'Bell

    Episode 5

    Lead Pastor of Hillsong Australia, Julia A'Bell, shares passionately from the word of God and from personal experience as we explore suffering and freedom through the famous story of 'the woman with the issue of blood'. We also delve into a creative testimony about life of an inspiring woman who ...

  • Glorious Tensions - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 6

    Lean in as Pastor Bobbie Houston preaches two back-to-back messages on 'Glorious Tensions'. She explores the tensions that we all as women feel - from 'mum-tensions' to 'girl tensions' to 'faith tensions' in this funny, deep and inspiring message.

  • Anna, The Witness - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 7

    A deeply moving testimony about tragic loss, and the comfort and purpose purpose faith brings to unforeseen circumstances is shared through powerful artistic imagery. Then we hear from Hillsong's Teaching Pastor, Robert Fergusson, as he sheds profound insight on Biblical Anna and the ordinary, un...

  • The Widow of Zarephath - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 8

    Come explore the compelling story of the 'widow of Zarephath' with Pastor Bobbie Houston. We are reminded that no one is unknown to God, and we learn about the significance of obedience in unlocking the promises of God in our lives.

  • Mary: Promise Carriers - Danielle Jeyaratnam

    Episode 9

    Watch Margaret Stunt's incredible story of hardship and healing - beginning with a childhood fraught with trauma in post-war London and ending with a profound testimony of restoration and faith. We then hear from Lead Pastor of Hillsong Western Australia, Danielle Jeyaratnam, as she explores the ...

  • Elizabeth: Chosen, Favoured, Entrusted - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 10

    We explore the stories of two amazing women who lived out long and difficult journeys of faith, while waiting for God to bring destiny into their lives. Experience the powerful testimony of Susana Faletlour and Hear Pastor Bobbie Houston bring a word in season about the life of Biblical Elizabeth.

  • Leading In Every landscape - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 11

    Pastor Bobbie Houston bookends the Brave series with her message 'Leading in Every Landscape'. Be inspired as she unpacks timeless principles that every woman can take into her journey, plus we finish off with an insightful interview as Hillsong Australia Lead Pastor, Julia A'Bell chats to Pastor...

  • Latter Day Tears - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 12

    In the final episode of our first season we hear Pastor Bobbie Houston's 2016 Hillsong Conference Message on 'Tears'. We kick off with an impacting documentary short about Hillsong United's visit to a refugee camp, and then Ps Bobbie explores the kind of tears we are all called to shed for the br...