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Brian Houston TV

Brian Houston TV

10 Seasons

Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

Brian Houston TV
  • Restoration - Rescue - Healing

    Episode 1

    Reflecting on the year 2020 Pastor Brian shares his belief that God is going to rebuild in the seasons ahead. He reminds us of the importance of community and encourages us to be intentional and make choices which align us to follow God's will in our lives.

  • The Crushed Snake - Spiritual Authority

    Episode 2

    Doubt is one of the greatest tools the devil will use to muzzle God’s purposes in your life. Join Pastor Brian as he teaches on how Jesus stood in His authority and how you too can be empowered to take a stand.

  • The Crushed Snake Part 2 - Spiritual Authority

    Episode 3

    Continuing his series on The Crushed Snake, Pastor Brian focusses on the God-given weapons and tools of our spiritual authority. Be inspired as he teaches on how we can learn to grow in our spiritual authority and how we are equipped and empowered to be the head and not the tail.

  • Rescue - Restore - Rebuild

    Episode 4

    In this message from Hillsong’s Vision Sunday service Pastor Brian delivers a faith-filled sermon surrounding the idea of God rescuing, restoring and rebuilding. Join Brian as he speak hope into your life, anything that the devil has robbed or plundered from you God can restore.

  • The Crushed Snake Part 3 - The Authority To Rebuild

    Episode 5

    Join Pastor Brian as he speaks about the authority we have through Jesus to rebuild what the devil has tried to take. Teaching on the power of prayer, accessible favor and success through biblical principles, this is a message that will empower you to demolish strongholds in your life.

  • The Crushed Snake Part 4 - The Weapons of Our Warfare

    Episode 6

    There are so many voices from many sources but only one can truly set you free – Jesus! Join Pastor Brian as he teaches on the weapons we have through the delegated power of Jesus and encourages us around the power of our testimony.

  • Get Up And Get Going - It's Building Time!

    Episode 7

    It’s rebuilding time! Join Pastor Brian as he encourages you to remind yourself of God’s promises and purpose for your life. Brian looks at the principles Nehemiah used to stand strong and encourages us to not settle or go into survival mode in the middle of a torrent.

  • The Way Up Is Down!

    Episode 8

    Pastor Brian looks at Jesus’ life and how we have a Savior who understands us. Having all the power of God, Jesus did not take power and fame for Himself but rather walked humbly and served. Brian encourages us to show the same kind of selfless love to those in need around us.

  • Beware the Power of Distraction

    Episode 9

    Join Pastor Brian as he preaches a word that will help you step up to a new level. Through the life of Nehemiah Brian demonstrates the resolve we need to have to stop the distractions that prevent us from doing the building God has for us.

  • He Came to My Rescue - Part 1

    Episode 13

    Pastor Brian speaks faith into your year as he teaches on God being our rescuer. There is nothing in your life that God cannot rescue you from. Join Brian as he explores God’s rescuing nature and how He wants you to realise your potential and exceed all your expectations.

  • He Came to My Rescue - Part 2

    Episode 14

    At times we all have situations that can cause us to shrink back or become disheartened. Join Pastor Brian as he speaks the hope of Jesus into your life. He shares the practical and biblical things we can do while we’re in the waiting for God’s rescue.

  • The Road to Restoration

    Episode 15

    Areas of our lives sometimes need restoration and the road to restoration can be a hard one. Join Pastor Brian Houston as he shares biblical insights and Godly wisdom we can apply to guide us on our journey to see the fruit of restoration.

  • He Restores My Soul

    Episode 16

    Pastor Brian brings biblical encouragement on how God’s heart is to see you restored. Whether you have lost sight of vision or lost sight of something you had in your heart, Brian shares how God can restore you and fill you with life.

  • Wisdom Makes A Way! - The Power of Obedience

    Episode 17

    Pastor Brian teaches on the biblical principle of obedience in this message series Wisdom Makes a Way. Through scripture he shows the results of disobedience and the fruit of obedience.

  • Wisdom Makes a Way! - The Pillars of Wisdom

    Episode 18

    From Pastor Brian Houston’s ‘Wisdom Makes A Way’ series, this message explores what life built on a foundation of Godly wisdom looks like. Are we building our life around our own will, or God’s will? Brian teaches on what being obedient to God looks like.

  • Wisdom Makes a Way! - Lady Wisdom

    Episode 19

    In this message Pastor Brian Houston speaks on the importance of our decisions. God promises blessing in our life when we learn to put our trust in Him. God does not want us to just live content with what we have, but instead to live a life that helps others.

  • Wisdom Makes a Way! One of the Few

    Episode 20

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston continues his series ‘Wisdom Makes A Way’, speaking from Proverbs 3 and 4. Brian teaches on how we can use discernment to help us decide what we need to focus on when living our life for God.

  • 'Even if He Doesn't' Faith

    Episode 21

    In this episode, Pastor Brian encourages us to journey through the disappointments we have from unanswered prayer with trust that God will do the impossible. What would it look like in our lives to have 'even if He doesn't' kind of faith?

  • Thoughts and Ways - Part 1

    Episode 22

    Pastor Brian Houston explains Isaiah 55 – what makes us who we are, how we think and the way we behave?What would it look like if we could learn to think and act like Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith?

  • We are in this Together - Part 1

    Episode 23

  • We are in this Together - Part 2

    Episode 24

  • Come to the Waters

    Episode 25

    Pastor Brian Houston explores Isaiah 55:1-2 - looking at the spiritual disciplines healthy for our soul and which will help us to grow. Just like our diet, comfort food may make you feel good in the moment – but it’s usually not healthy for you in the long run.

  • You're Blessed

    Episode 26

    What does it mean to truly be blessed? In this episode Pastor Brian Houston looks at the sermon on the mount and shares 7 points on what being blessing looks like according to Jesus.

  • It's Coming Back!

    Episode 27

    Pastor Brian Houston discusses important matters of the heart, and in this episode, he camps around the eternal principle of generosity. Jesus spoke of money, but the underlying principle was always about trust, do you trust God?