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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Get Up And Get Going - It's Building Time!


Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2021

  • The Way Up Is Down!

    Pastor Brian looks at Jesus’ life and how we have a Savior who understands us. Having all the power of God, Jesus did not take power and fame for Himself but rather walked humbly and served. Brian encourages us to show the same kind of selfless love to those in need around us.

  • Beware the Power of Distraction

    Join Pastor Brian as he preaches a word that will help you step up to a new level. Through the life of Nehemiah Brian demonstrates the resolve we need to have to stop the distractions that prevent us from doing the building God has for us.

  • He Came to My Rescue - Part 1

    Pastor Brian speaks faith into your year as he teaches on God being our rescuer. There is nothing in your life that God cannot rescue you from. Join Brian as he explores God’s rescuing nature and how He wants you to realise your potential and exceed all your expectations.