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Brian Houston TV

Brian Houston TV

11 Seasons

Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

Brian Houston TV
  • He Makes All Things New

    Episode 1

    Pastor Brian Houston talks about how God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and live according to His purposes. We may be faced with different challenges but God gives you strength for each day.

  • Unusual Things

    Episode 2

  • Nothing

    Episode 3

    Pastor Brian Houston talks about what God can do with nothing. He created the earth out of nothing so if you think that nothing is happening in your life, God can use that nothing and turn it into something beautiful.

  • Special Things

    Episode 4

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston speaks about “Special Things” and how God wants to tap into what is special inside of you! Do you believe that you have something special to offer? Do you believe you have untapped potential?

  • A Dangerous Declaration

    Episode 5

    Colossians 1:17 (NKJV) “And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist”. Pastor Brian Houston’s message speaks on how Jesus is the glue that holds everything together, without Him we become unhinged.

  • The Gospel

    Episode 6

    What is the greatest of all manifestos, the most dangerous of all declarations? In this sermon, Pastor Brian Houston speaks about the possibilities available when you open your heart to the power of the gospel - God will use the potential that He has strategically placed on your life.

  • Touch The Sky Part 1

    Episode 7

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston preaches about the power of prayer - in that moment of complete surrender, that's when we touch the sky and have access to God's wisdom and promises.

  • Touch The Sky Part 2

    Episode 8

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston continues his series on “Touching the Sky”. He talks about Abraham's dream becoming reality and how the same can happen to you if only you would fall on your knees.

  • Count It All Joy

    Episode 9

    It is not the will of God for your life to fall into despair; it's His will for you to know the power of upward falling. The trials and troubles you face are not intended to keep you down but to help you soar. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston speaks about “Counting it all joy,” even when lif...

  • Leaving Struggle Street

    Episode 10

    Pastor Brian Houston speaks about our ability to be released into all God has called us to be. The lack of wisdom is most often what causes us to struggle. Brian encourages us on how to “Leave Struggle Street.”

  • The Silence of Saturday

    Episode 11

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston speaks to the doubt in a believer’s mind that hinders their faith. He uses the lives of James and Peter to illustrate God’s faithfulness in the lives of those who follow Jesus.

  • You Get What You Go For

    Episode 12

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston asks the question, “What are you going for? What do you allow when it comes to those things that relate to the purposes of God?" You reap what you sow. In this message Brian speaks about “You Get What You Go For”.

  • Forgive Me - I'm Human

    Episode 13

    Temptation is a part of every person’s world and that’s why we should understand it. Temptation should not cause guilt and condemnation because temptation is not the sin. Sin is when we bow to temptation. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston speaks about “Forgive Me – I’m Human”.

  • You Are Gifted

    Episode 14

    We often lose sight of how much God actually gives us, things that we take for granted. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston preaches on using the God-given gifts He's given you and attaching them to Him and His future for your life.

  • Speak, We're Listening

    Episode 15

    Hearing God’s voice amidst all of life’s noise can be difficult, but it is not impossible. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston teaches us why it is important to listen to the voice of God, because so much is missed when we block out our ability to listen.

  • When Faith Talks

    Episode 16

    Pastor Brian Houston presents an uncommon idea that faith is a language, with a tone and a sound, that is contrary to the language of this world. Through this message, we learn how to speak the language of faith that speaks life and hope into the people around us.

  • Created to Build

    Episode 17

    The will of God is for us to be the builders of our lives and of the Kingdom. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston teaches us to “never lose the will to grow and the vision of what you are believing for”.

  • There is Nourishment in Encouragement

    Episode 18

    In this message, Brian Houston speaks on the importance of encouragement. Brian explains how life is often discouraging and we need people who speak encouragement into our lives as it is a language that can set us free.

  • So Great A Salvation

    Episode 19

    When people look at your life, do they connect to the greatness of our almighty God? How well does your life reflect the salvation you have received from Christ? In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston teaches us how to outwork the gift Christ has given us.

  • Blame It On The Referee

    Episode 20

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston brings attention to how we may give blame power in our lives. It is our decision to take responsibility for what happens in our lives.

  • What Are You Soaking In

    Episode 21

    There is a significant difference between a culture of council and a culture of opinion. In Pastor Brian Houston’s message, he presents us with the teaching of humbling our opinions and living our lives with an openness to Godly council.

  • Seven Blessings of Salvation

    Episode 22

    Psalms 21:1 (NKJV) says: “The king shall have joy in your strength, o Lord; and in your salvation how greatly shall he rejoice”. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston teaches about the great revelation of the fullness God brings when He is the centre of our lives.

  • What Are You Full Of

    Episode 23

    In this special college graduation message, Pastor Brain Houston speaks to the young people about allowing every lesson you learn to grow you and prepare you for whatever comes your way.

  • What Is That To You

    Episode 24

    Does comparison rule your life? In this message, Pastor Brain Houston encourages us to not let comparison rule our spirit, but to be knit with the promise that God has specifically over your life.