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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Your Dream Is Your Destiny


Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2016

  • Generosity Is A Different World

    "In this message, Pastor Brian Houston preaches on the impact of speaking the language of generosity and the fruits that come from living a life of unselfishness. Brian bases his message on Proverbs 11:24 - 25. "

  • Receptivity

    How often do we respond and act on the words we receive from God? Pastor Brian Houston discusses how to live our lives with a spirit of receptivity, and how to further implement those messages and purposes not only for our future, but also for our today.

  • The Contagious Nature Of Receptivity

    Pastor Brian Houston preaches a message at Hillsong Conference on living a life of receptivity. Through scripture Brian shows the importance of being receptive to hearing God and how it will change the atmosphere of our life and those around us.