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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Wisdom Makes A Way! - Part 7


Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2019

  • Wisdom Makes a Way! - Part 8

    Pastor Brian Houston asks the important question, where do your priorities lie? If we were to look at our finances as a character reference, what does it say about us as a person? Brian encourages us to seek wisdom so we can know what we need to focus on when living our life for God.

  • The Days of God's Gathering - Part 1

    Pastor Brian Houston delivers this special message on Vision Sunday about revival. Brian speaks from Isaiah 60 – these are the days of God’s gathering, and now is the time of awakening in our lives and in the Church. This episode also features a special Vision Sunday video presentation.

  • The Days of God's Gathering - Part 2:...

    Join Pastor Brian Houston as he talks about the days of God’s Gathering. Brian looks at how revival will bring the gathering of people when we focus on Jesus, our light in our times of darkness. We are all called to gather in Him - the magnet who brings people together.