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The Exploits Of The Righteous - Part 2


Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2019

  • A Humble Man's Prayer

    Pastor Brian Houston preaches a special message from Hillsong Leadership Night on the amazing faith of the Roman centurion in the book of Matthew. In this message, Brian speaks on the qualities of the Roman centurion and the faith he had for Jesus to be able to heal his servant.

  • It's Beginning to Rain - Part 1

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston preaches on the importance of praying for rain in our lives. Not actual rain but spiritual rain that God will use to grow us and make things new. Brian talks about the attitude and heart we need in times of drought, when we are waiting for the rain.

  • It's Beginning to Rain - Part 2

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his message, “It’s Beginning to Rain”, speaking about what to do in times when we feel like we are facing a drought in our lives. Brian teaches on prayer - praying unselfish prayers can help to free our spirit in preparation for the rain.