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The Worshipping Church - Part 2


Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2019

  • It's Beginning to Rain - Part 1

    Preaching from Hillsong Conference, Pastor Brian Houston delivers a special message about the landscape of our lives and how to prepare and be expectant for rain that brings blessing during hard times.

  • It's Beginning to Rain - Part 2

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his message “It’s Beginning to Rain”. Brian teaches us what we can do when we are in our dry times such as praying for our enemies and staying in the house of the Lord, which gives us support and community.

  • Bitter Better Blessed - Part 1

    Pastor Brian Houston preaches from scripture on the principle of what is inside us is what will come out of us. Brian looks at the events and attitudes of Elkanah and his wives in the book of Samuel - what kind of heart do we bring to God and to worship?