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Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2020

  • Get Your Hands Up!

    In this message, Brian Houston preaches on the power of lifting up our hands. This gesture can signify things such as surrender, an act of worship and victory. From scripture, Brian highlights the incredible power of raising our hands to God; allowing Him to use what's in our hands to overcome ou...

  • Live from Your Spirit and it Will be ...

    Pastor Brian Houston talks about the difference between our spirit, soul and body. Brian teaches on the importance of living from our spirit and how we need to tune our spirit into God, to allow Him to lead us in our life. Are you choosing to live by your spirit or your soul?

  • If You Live By God's Word, It Will Be...

    Pastor Brian Houston talks from Hebrews on the importance of God’s Word. The Word of God come’s alive through Jesus and brings life to those who receive it. Brian teaches us how God’s Word can transform our lives and feed our spirit.