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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Lack or Overflow


Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2020

  • This Is How We Overcome

    Pastor Brian Houston teaches on how we can overcome and succeed during this current time. Brian teaches from the Bible how there is power in the name of Jesus; we have the authority to overcome.

  • Caps and Capacity

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston preaches on what defines our potential. We need to strengthen our roots in God in order to grow our capacity. What treasures are hidden within us that we can’t see but God sees? Address the limitations in our life, don’t let it define you.

  • Get Your Hands Up!

    In this message, Brian Houston preaches on the power of lifting up our hands. This gesture can signify things such as surrender, an act of worship and victory. From scripture, Brian highlights the incredible power of raising our hands to God; allowing Him to use what's in our hands to overcome ou...