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Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2020

  • Encouraged and Encouraging

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston speaks a message called "Encouraged and Encouraging". Who is encouraging you and who are you actively encouraging? There is nourishment in encouragement, it can change the narrative. Encouragement is powerful.

  • When Faith Is Now - Part 1

    Join Pastor Brian Houston in part 1 of 'When Faith is Now'. Brian talks about how we can practically stand firm in our faith now, especially during the current circumstances we are experiencing across the earth. We need to be thankful to God for yesterday, we need to have faith that God can chang...

  • When Faith Is Now - Part 2

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his sermon on 'When Faith is Now'. Brian teaches us from scripture on why we need 'now faith' and what exactly that faith is. How do we trust God in the middle of our current circumstances?