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9 Seasons

Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

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Brian Houston TV
  • Stand In The Power Of Your Amen

    Episode 1

    Pastor Brian Houston teaches us to not lose heart and to stay firm in faith - we are called to be over-comers regardless of the situation. Brian encourages us declare 'Amen' into our prayers, digging deeper into our praise especially during tough times.

  • Stand In The Power Of Jesus' Name

    Episode 2

    Pastor Brian Houston delivers this powerful message, “Standing in the Power of Jesus' name”. Brian encourages us to anchor our hope in the promise given to Abraham. God places a lot of value in a name, God only changed a name to add value to that person. Do we recognise the value of Jesus’ name?

  • Embrace the Wait

    Episode 3

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston asks, “Are you trying to work out God’s promise from Heaven?” Brian talks about the importance of valuing the wait because God’s Promise is always true. What can you do while waiting on the promises of God?

  • Spiritual Wealth - Better Self - Mental Health

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston speaks on the main pillars of wellbeing. Where do you find your wealth, and what does it mean to be spiritually wealthy? Brian challenges us to look after our overall health because we are at our best when our body, soul and spirit work together in harmony.

  • Encouraged and Encouraging

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston speaks a message called "Encouraged and Encouraging". Who is encouraging you and who are you actively encouraging? There is nourishment in encouragement, it can change the narrative. Encouragement is powerful.

  • When Faith Is Now - Part 1

    Episode 6

    Join Pastor Brian Houston in part 1 of 'When Faith is Now'. Brian talks about how we can practically stand firm in our faith now, especially during the current circumstances we are experiencing across the earth. We need to be thankful to God for yesterday, we need to have faith that God can chang...

  • When Faith Is Now - Part 2

    Episode 7

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his sermon on 'When Faith is Now'. Brian teaches us from scripture on why we need 'now faith' and what exactly that faith is. How do we trust God in the middle of our current circumstances?

  • It Happened Upstairs

    Episode 8

    Pastor Brian Houston speaks on the significance of the day of Pentecost. What happened on that day when the Holy Spirit descended upon them and signified the 'new'? A new era for His people, a new gospel for all people and a new heart and spirit for the Church.

  • Pressured But Not Stressed

    Episode 9

    Being under pressure is not a new concept. How do you function when you are under pressure? Pastor Brian Houston gives us 3 ways to test the pressure in our lives and helps give perspective into our situation through God’s Word.

  • Lack or Overflow

    Episode 10

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston asks the challenging question, what dictates our life, lack or overflow? Overflow is the will of God for our lives; we need to shift our focus away from lack. Brian teaches on how overflow and abundance is the will of God for each of our lives.

  • This Is How We Overcome

    Episode 11

    Pastor Brian Houston teaches on how we can overcome and succeed during this current time. Brian teaches from the Bible how there is power in the name of Jesus; we have the authority to overcome.

  • Caps and Capacity

    Episode 12

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston preaches on what defines our potential. We need to strengthen our roots in God in order to grow our capacity. What treasures are hidden within us that we can’t see but God sees? Address the limitations in our life, don’t let it define you.