Cafe Theology with Terry Crist - Study Guide

Cafe Theology with Terry Crist - Study Guide

14 Seasons

God has communicated everything we need to succeed in this life. Do you have time to tune in? Grab a coffee and explore God’s word with Pastor Terry Crist on this 13 week bible study of Season 4 of Cafe Theology with Terry Crist. Use this as a personal devotion or a practical tool to outwork with your friends, team or small group.

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Cafe Theology with Terry Crist - Study Guide
  • The Kingdom Perspective

    Episode 1

    Our lives flip upside-down when we enter into Jesus’ kingdom. In the Kingdom of Heaven, God sets the rules and we must give up our old ways to enter. Join Terry Crist, Lead Pastor at Hillsong Phoenix, as he discusses Kingdom perspective and the heart and soul of the Kingdom of God.
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  • Small Group Study Week 9 - Kingdom Perspective

    Episode 2

    Follow along with Pastor Terry and your small group in this study of "Kingdom Perspective".

  • Downloadable PDF Week 9 - Kingdom Perspective

    3.36 MB

    Downloadable study guide for Week 9 - Kingdom Perspective.