Cafe Theology with Terry Crist

Cafe Theology with Terry Crist

6 Seasons

God has communicated everything we need to succeed in this life. Do you have time to tune in? Grab a coffee and explore God’s word with Terry Crist.

Cafe Theology with Terry Crist
  • It's all a Story

    Episode 1

    Pastor Terry Crist kicks off this season of Cafe Theology exploring how to read the Bible as one single story. How we read the Bible is vitally important because it determines our spiritual formation.

  • Magic Eye Puzzle

    Episode 2

    Pastor Terry Crist talks about how you and I are made in the image and likeness of God. Sometimes it is difficult for us to see and understand exactly how God sees us, but the truth is He sees us in His likeness.

  • Lessons of The Fall

    Episode 3

    Pastor Terry Crist dives into the fact that God has made provision to restore us to His original intention, through the act of us putting our faith in Jesus, and trusting Him to be our source of life.

  • Ancient Wars

    Episode 4

    Pastor Terry Crist talks about how we live in a world where you can do the right thing for the wrong reason and still be rewarded. But God wants us doing the right things out of a heart that is fully surrendered to Him.

  • Unstoppable Promise

    Episode 5

    Pastor Terry Crist explores the story of Abraham and what we can learn from his relationship with God. God has always wanted humanity to flourish, which is demonstrated to us through the life of Abraham.

  • Sacrifice & Worship

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Pastor Terry Crist delves into the history of worship, and the connection between worship and sacrifice.

  • Moving From Law to Grace

    Episode 7

    Pastor Terry Crist looks at how our lives are all part of a greater story. That story is our journey from law into grace.

  • The Prophets and The Mission of God

    Episode 8

    Pastor Terry Crist talks about how correction and discipline is not God’s way of rejecting us, but accepting us. He disciplines those whom He loves.

  • Thin Places

    Episode 9

    Pastor Terry Crist explores the idea of “thin places” and how to find them in our lives. A thin place is a place where the presence of God can be sensed in an unmistakable way.

  • The Revolution Has Begun

    Episode 10

    Pastor Terry Crist explores how Jesus was concerned about how His followers lived their lives. In fact, His interest in their spiritual condition outweighed His concern for their political situation.

  • Thy Kingdom Come

    Episode 11

    Pastor Terry Crist talks about how God wants the best for us. Heaven is not something we wait for, it is what we are asked to create in this broken world today.

  • The People of The Revolution

    Episode 12

    Pastor Terry Crist talks about the power of the resurrection; and how God has chosen us to be the change in our culture and present the coming Kingdom through how we live, relate, work, worship and play.

  • Levels of Authority

    Episode 13

    Pastor Terry Crist looks at how authority has been misused and abused in our world; but God originally created authority as a gift to humanity for our protection.