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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Small Group Study Week 6 - The Kingdom and the Monarchy

2m 40s

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  • The Kingdom and the Exile

    Terry Crist teaches on The Kingdom and The Exile. We learn about what happens to Israel after they keep breaking their covenant with God, and how exile is also an opportunity for them to be a blessing to the nations they go into. Just as we should to be a blessing to the people around us.
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  • Small Group Study Week 7 - The Kingdo...

    Follow along with Pastor Terry and your small group in this study of "The Kingdom and the Exile".
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  • The Return of the King

    Terry Crist continues this season of Café Theology with “The Return of the King”. Unpacking Jesus’ ministry and his announcements of the arrival of God’s kingdom. Jesus invited everyone into His kingdom through salvation which is brought by repentance and faith in Jesus.
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