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Where the Spirit Chose to Dwell: The Dwelling Presence of the Spirit


Up Next in Cafe Theology with Terry Crist - Season 5

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    Pastor Terry Crist continues his series on the Holy Spirit. Terry unpacks the significance of Jesus' baptism and how the Holy Spirit descended on Him like a dove. Terry shows us how the Holy Spirit and Jesus worked together.

  • Where the Water Became Wine: Becoming...

    Pastor Terry Crist asks, “What would a spirit empowered person look like?” In this episode, Terry teaches us about the significance of Jesus' first miracle from the Gospel of John and gives us 5 reasons why God used miracles in the first place.

  • Where the Church Was Born in Power: T...

    Pastor Terry Crist speaks on ""Where the Church Was Born in Power: The Spirit and Pentecost"". He looks at the tower of Babel and the feast of Pentecost, breaking down the layers of truth and revelation.
    God used the day of Pentecost to release power and boldness to His people to continue buildin...