Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz, together with his wife Laura, are the Lead Pastors of Hillsong East Coast in the USA. Carl is passionate about serving people and is known for reaching “the famous and the nameless” with the powerful message of Jesus. Carl is a dynamic communicator and author with a powerful revelation of who God is and what it really means to love like Jesus. Carl and Laura have three children and currently live in New Jersey.

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Carl Lentz
  • Carl & Laura Lentz

    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. talks to Carl and Laura Lentz about their first experience at Hillsong Conference and what Conference means to them now. They also share how they met each other at church.

  • A Discussion on Racism with Carl Lentz & Bishop T.D. Jakes

    Pastor Carl Lentz and Bishop T.D. Jakes have an important conversation about racism and the current state of the world.

  • Carl Lentz & Christine Caine Interview

    Carl Lentz interviews A21 founder Christine Caine about self-worth and finding your value in God. Christine covers important topics such as how to stay the course, relying on God as your source of strength, women preachers and leadership in the church and what submission looks like in this day an...

  • Carl Lentz with Nathan Finochio

    Host Nathan Finochio sits down in the Foyer Studio with the Lead Pastor of Hillsong New York, Carl Lentz.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Carl Lentz

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. sits down with Hillsong New York Lead Pastor Carl Lentz.

  • I'm Getting Better - Carl Lentz

    In this message, Pastor Carl Lentz speaks on the power of the Holy Spirit and a Spirit led life. We will come to the end of ourselves if we try to live all on our own, we need the Spirit of God to live in and through us.

  • I'm Getting Better - Carl Lentz

    Carl Lentz, Lead Pastor of Hillsong NYC, speaks in the main arena at Hillsong Conference 2019 on the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • I'm Making Progress - Carl Lentz

    Pastor Carl Lentz preaches an encouraging word as he passionately reminds you that you are doing better than you think you are in his message titled “I’m making Progress”.

  • It Is Well With My Soul - Carl Lentz

    Where do you turn when your soul is troubled or you feel completely lost? Pastor Carl Lentz brings a message of hope and life in this inspiring episode titled, “It is well with my soul”.

  • It's Time to Turn the Page - Carl Lentz

    If you have anything in your life that you need to change, then it is time to turn the page! Pastor Carl Lentz reminds us that there is more to know of Jesus and His grace. There is no better time to be a Christian than now, so step up and step out.

  • Leadership Hour - Carl Lentz

    Pastor Carl Lentz passionately shares that it's not about our knowledge, the methods we use or the size of our churches, but people will know Jesus based on the radical love that we show.

  • Leadership Hour with Chris Hodges | Carl Lentz

    Christ Hodges challenges us to remember to treat people with love as we are in the people business. Carl Lentz preaches from John 13, reminding us that we need to love like Jesus has loved us. This is the kind of love that will change the world.

  • Live at Sydney - with Bobbie Houston & Carl Lentz

    Join us for the season finale of Hillsong Conference Live as we hear from Pastors Bobbie Houston and Carl Lentz, catch the last Sphere's session, join Sanga and Vasiti on a crazy behind-the-scenes tour and a hilarious blooper reel.

  • Live at Sydney - with Carl & Laura Lentz

    Join Rich Wilkerson Jr. as he sits down for a conversation with Hillsong New York Lead Pastors Carl & Laura Lentz. Go backstage with guest speaker John Gray and John & Helen Burns, plus we talk to Hillsong Israel Lead Pastor Catrina Henderson.

  • Live at Sydney - with Carl Lentz

    This episode is jam packed as we interview Charles Nieman and Steve Penny while Catherine Thambiratnam gives us insight into the humanitarian work being carried out through the Sisterhood.

  • Live at Sydney - with Carl Lentz, Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United

    Join us for the best from Hillsong Conference as Rich Wilkerson Jr. talks with Young & Free about their latest album. Chris Tomlin visits the Backstage Live crew and we also hear from Pastor Laura Lentz. Pastor Carl Lentz preaches a challenging message on loving people as Jesus did.

  • Live at Sydney - with Carl Lentz, Donna Crouch & John & Helen Burns

    Join us for the best from Hillsong Conference as Rich Wilkerson Jr. speaks with Carl Lentz about loving people and carrying each other’s burdens. Pastor Donna Crouch preaches about reclaiming the agape love of God and taking it to the world, while Hillsong United leads worship in the Main Arena.

  • Live at Sydney - with Chris Hodges, Carl Lentz & Hillsong UNITED

    In this Hillsong Conference special, Rich Wilkerson Jr. sits down with Hillsong United, Pastor Carl Lentz stops by to chat with the Backstage Live crew about why he wrote his book and how to build relationships with people of different world views. Pastor Chris Hodges preaches on the power of hav...

  • Live at Sydney with Christine Caine, Carl Lentz and Hillsong UNITED

    Join Carl Lentz in the main arena as he delivers an inspiring message titled, “I’m Getting Better”. Head backstage as we interview Christine Caine, while our foyer team chats to JD and Ben Hastings. Our Theology Panel continues their discussion on Restoration.

  • Live at Sydney with Earl McClellan and Carl Lentz

    Kicking off the new season of Hillsong Conference Live is an action packed episode featuring a backstage interview with Ps Brian Houston, first time Hillsong Conference special guest Ps Earl McClellan sharing from the main stage, an in-depth interview with Ps Carl Lentz as well as a special appea...

  • Live at Sydney - with guest Carl Lentz

    Pastor Carl Lentz takes the platform with an encouraging message on making progress! Experience worship at Hillsong Conference with the live recording of "Behold" and hear from songwriter and worship leader Ben Fielding.

  • Live at Sydney - with Justin Bieber & Carl Lentz

    Our Conference hosts talk to Hillsong Global Youth Pastors Peter and Laura Toggs and Dr. Robi Sonderegger. We go backstage with Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz plus hear from Pastor Brian Houston and his message ‘The Power of the Holy Spirit’.

  • Trust the Shepherd - Carl Lentz

    Carl unpacks Psalm 23, and inspires us to put our trust in the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd corrects and the Good Shepherd protects. It's humbling to think of ourselves as sheep! But Carl illuminates why having a shepherd is so essential.

  • Carl Lentz

    Pastor Brian Houston talks to Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong New York City to discuss Carl's journey to finding Jesus, living an evangelistic life, pastoring in a time of division, and much more.