Cass Langton

Cass Langton

Cassandra Langton oversees the Creative team of Hillsong Church around the world. Cass is an out-of-the-box thinker and innovator who is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and worship in the Church today. She is a dynamic and inspiring communicator and speaker, passionate about pursuing Christ and using every creative medium to reflect God’s beauty and to tell the Jesus-story to a world desperate in need.

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Cass Langton
  • The Wondrous Adventure of Finding Clarity - Cass Langton

    Cass Langton gives some insight on how to overcome the fog and find clarity in God again. We were created to make art in a way that helps people out of their darkness and into light, and that shows them God is real, present, and has a plan for all humanity.

  • What Goes Up Must Go Down - Cassandra Langton

    Sit in on the Worship and Creative Conference night session and hear from Cass Langdon as she reminds us that God is in our everyday and not just on our ‘mountain tops’.

  • The Art of Rescue - Cassandra Langton

    Cassandra Langton speaks about "The Art of Rescue". What God has entrusted you with is a weapon in His hand to reach a world that is in desperate need of Him. Each one of us has a unique story about our own rescue; your story will be used to reach someone somewhere and the gift in your hand God h...

  • Cassandra Langton

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Cassandra Langton about following the call of God and her healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sarah talks about learning to trust God in the midst of the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

  • Cassandra Langton, Jad Gillies & Brooke Ligertwood

    Your hosts Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Cassandra Langton, Jad Gillies, and Brooke Ligertwood as they discuss worship as a weapon for spiritual warfare and remarkable stories of how worship is bringing freedom around the world.

  • Cassandra Langton & Donna Crouch

    In this episode, Cass Langton addresses living life on empty. Jesus is here with us today. His very first miracle was to remove shame and to bring joy and His intention is the same today. We also hear from Donna Crouch as she walks us through what it means to know Christ intimately in every stage...

  • Cassandra Langton in the White Chair

    Cassandra Langton is in the “White Chair” and shares some gold on connecting who we are as creative beings to who God is and what we can achieve when we spend time with Him and allow God to infiltrate our creative process. 

  • Bill Johnson with Cass & Rich Langton

    In this episode Cass & Rich Langton speak to pastor Bill Johnson, Senior Leader Bethel Church about following God’s calling, his teaching model and giving opportunity for others to rise up. He talks about revival, God’s goodness, the glory of God, and the mystery of God.