Catch Up: Hillsong Conference Live Backstage 2019

Catch Up: Hillsong Conference Live Backstage 2019

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Catch up on all the behind the scenes action, exclusive interviews including Brian & Bobbie Houston, Bill Johnson, Joseph Prince and Louie Giglio and all the fun at Hillsong Conference 2019 Sydney, Australia with your hosts Steve McPherson, Mel Wade, Tom Yanco and Niyah Rahmaan on Hillsong Conference Live Backstage.

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Catch Up: Hillsong Conference Live Backstage 2019
  • Welcome to Day 2 with Scott 'Sanga' Samways & Peter Toggs

    Episode 1

    Good morning from Day 2 of Hillsong Conference 2019! Join Scott 'Sanga' Samways and Peter Toggs as they explore backstage, drop in on Bobbie Houston, do some vocal warm ups and find Taya Gaukrodger's bacon and egg roll.

  • Master Class with Angela Bachtle, Principal of Hillsong College

    Episode 2

    Join Niyah Rahmaan backstage at Hillsong Conference 2019 as she interviews Angela Bachtle, the Principal of Hillsong College. Gain insight into Hillsong College, and how through discipleship they are building community and creating leaders for tomorrow.

  • Social Justice Master Class with Catherine Thambiratnam

    Episode 3

    An insightful conversation with Catherine Thambiratnam, the Head of Social Justice at Hillsong Church Australia, backstage at Hillsong Conference 2019. She speaks on the role of the church when it comes to social justice and shares on some of the initiatives Hillsong Church are involved in.

  • Hillsong College Takeover

    Episode 4

    Hillsong College takeover backstage 2019! Join Kmy and John as they chat with Angela Bachtle, the Principal of Hillsong College, Aaron Puddle, the Creative Director of College, and hear a song written by college students.

  • Master Class with Muchiri Gateri

    Episode 5

    Ever wondered what it takes to put on a service at Hillsong? Or work behind the scenes at Hillsong conference? In this video Muchiri Gateri, head of Creative Technologies at Hillsong church, highlights key leadership principles and what it’s like working in the production team at Hillsong.

  • Mike Gore from Open Doors

    Episode 6

    Our 2019 backstage hosts chat with Mike Gore, the CEO of Open Doors. Mike expands upon the journey of Open Doors who have been championing the cause of the local churches in need because of persecution since 1955.

  • Interview with Catrina Henderson, Lead Pastor of Hillsong Israel

    Episode 7

    Join your 2019 backstage hosts hosts as they chat with Catrina Henderson, the Lead Pastor of Hillsong Israel. She shares updates on how the church is going in Tel Aviv.

  • Interview with Darren Kitto & Ben Field, from Hillsong Channel

    Episode 8

    Join your 2019 backstage hosts as they chat with Darren Kitto and Ben Field from Hillsong Channel. They share stories on the impact the Channel has had, the challenges, the vision and speak about some current and future Hillsong Channel original programs.

  • Interview with Phil Dooley, Lead Pastor of Hillsong South Africa

    Episode 9

    Mel Wade catches up with Lead Pastor of Hillsong South Africa, Phil Dooley backstage at Hillsong Conference 2019. Have a laugh and practice your South African accent!

  • Interview with Christine Caine & Tim Hanna from Compassion

    Episode 10

    Christine Caine shares her passion on tackling the problem of slavery and trafficking, and her hope of freedom that her organization A21 is working towards. Also on Backstage 2019, Tim Hanna talks about Hillsong and Compassion's 20 year partnership and the celebration of Hillsong supporting just ...

  • Interviews with Hillsong's Global Pastors

    Episode 11

    Get to know a little more about our Lead pastors from around the world. Including Kyle and Liz Turner from Hillsong Kansas City, Yuriy Revnushkin from Hillsong Kiev, Vadim & Anya Feshchenko from Hillsong Russia and Thomas & Katherine Hansen from Hillsong Church Copenhagen. Dave Wakerly also highl...

  • Interview with Rich Langton & Joel Houston and Hillsong UNITED

    Episode 12

    Rich Langton and Joel Houston discuss the latest Hillsong UNITED Album 'People', the inspiration behind the album and the God encounters on tour. Jad Gillies and Matt Crocker join the conversation and share about life on tour, the launch of the album and the impact it’s had on them.