Catch Up: Hillsong Conference Live Backstage 2019

Catch Up: Hillsong Conference Live Backstage 2019

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Catch up on all the behind the scenes action, exclusive interviews including Brian & Bobbie Houston, Bill Johnson, Joseph Prince and Louie Giglio and all the fun at Hillsong Conference 2019 Sydney, Australia with your hosts Steve McPherson, Mel Wade, Tom Yanco and Niyah Rahmaan on Hillsong Conference Live Backstage.

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Catch Up: Hillsong Conference Live Backstage 2019
  • Welcome to Day 4 with Scott 'Sanga' Samways & Peter Toggs

    Episode 1

    Good morning from Day 4 of Hillsong Conference 2019! Join Scott 'Sanga' Samways and Peter Toggs as they explore backstage, and chat to Bobbie Houston, Carl Lentz, Nathan Finochio, Chris Hodges. Plus experience all the behind the scenes fun with Niyah and Tom!

  • Materclass with Catrina Henderson, Lead Pastor of Hillsong Israel

    Episode 2

    An insightful interview with Catrina Henderson, the Lead Pastor of Hillsong Israel. Get to know more about her and the passion she has for woman in leadership.

  • Hillsong College Takeover

    Episode 3

    Join Kmy and John from Hillsong College as they chat with two students from the dance stream, and showcase their dance pieces. They also have an insightful discussion with Margaret Stunt, a former Hillsong College trainer and now part of the Hillsong Church Traveling Ministry.

  • Interview with Ben & Lucille Houston

    Episode 4

    Catch up with Ben Houston and Lucille, Lead Pastors at Hillsong California, as they discuss life in California and the growth and future of their locations.

  • Interview with Steve Dixon

    Episode 5

    Pastor Steve Dixon, shares an update on Hillsong Church in Queensland, Australia, the growth they have seen and their hopes for future. He also delivers an encouraging 60sec preach on tissue!

  • Masterclass with Robert Fergusson, Teaching Pastor Hillsong Church

    Episode 6

    You won’t want to miss this Hillsong Conference Backstage 2019 masterclass session with Robert Ferguson, Teaching Pastor at Hillsong Church. He explores one of his favourite books in the bible and how the sovereign act of God requires an immediate response of community.

  • Interview with Terry & Judith Crist, Lead Pastors Hillsong Church Phoenix

    Episode 7

    Get an update from Pastor Terry & Judith Crist, Pastors at Hillsong Church Phoenix, and find out how Hillsong Phoenix is expanding further into Las Vegas.

  • Interview with Lee Burns & Angela Bachtle, Hillsong College

    Episode 8

    There are 5 weeks to go until Hillsong College Phoenix campus opens! Lee Burns, Executive Vice President at Hillsong College, shares what students can expect at Phoenix campus and Angela Bachtle, Principal of Hillsong College, shares the purpose fuelling Hillsong College’s growth.

  • Interview with Jess & Reed Bogard, Lead Pastors Hillsong Dallas

    Episode 9

    Catch up behind the scenes of Hillsong Conference 2019 with Jess and Reed Bogart, Lead Pastors of Hillsong Dallas, as they update us on what is happening in Dallas.

  • Interview with Bill Johnson, Senior Leader of Bethel Church

    Episode 10

    Watch this 2019 backstage interview with your hosts and Bill Johnson, Senior Leader of Bethel Church. They discuss key, impactful moments in his conference sermon, and Bill shares around pursuing miracles.

  • Interview with Gary & Cathy Clarke and Freimut Haverkamp

    Episode 11

    Gary and Cathy Clarke, Lead Pastors of Hillsong London, share about Hillsong Conference coming up in London and their involvement in the creative openers. Then join the conversation between Mel Wade and Freimut Haverkamp, Lead Pastor of Hillsong Church Germany, as he updates us on Hillsong Germany.

  • Interview with Nicola Douglass, Pastor Hillsong Church Australia

    Episode 12

    Join Niyah and Mel as they chat with Nicola Douglass, who is a Pastor at Hillsong Church in Melbourne, Victoria. She updates us on the new buildings and miracles they have seen for the church in Melbourne, and also talk about conference highlights.

  • Interview with Charles Nieman, Found and Pastor, Abundant Living Faith Center

    Episode 13

    Meet Charles Nieman, Founder and Pastor of Abundant living faith centre in El Paso, Texas, and hear how his church has been helping the community.

  • Interview with Brian Houston

    Episode 14

    Mel and Steve chat with Brian Houston, Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, on how the Prime Minister came to be at conference, the planning of conference and how Hillsong UNITED got to perform at Madison Squsre Garden. Juan & Damsy, Lead Pastors Hillsong Spain, also drop in on the backstage ...

  • Interview with Mike Gore, Open Doors

    Episode 15

    A powerful interview with Mike Gore, CEO of Open doors. In this video Mike passionately talks about impact of working with the persecuted church and shares his personal testimony.

  • Interview with Rob Beach, CEO of Hillsong Technology

    Episode 16

    Join us backstage of Hillsong Conference 2019 as Rob Beach, CEO of Hillsong Technology, shares his passion to put the church back into the forefront of technology and some of the initiatives they are developing to help the church with apps and technology.

  • Interview with Nathan Mclean, Campus Pastor, Hillsong Online Campus

    Episode 17

    Nathan chats about the online campus and how it is a place where people can find community, who can't attend a regular Sunday service. He also updates us on Church of the Air, which is reaching people who are in remote areas of Australia, and connecting them to church.

  • Interview with Tim Hanna, CEO of Compassion Australia

    Episode 18

    Backstage 2019 hosts Niyah and Tom interview Tim Hanna, the CEO of Compassion Australia, who have been working to see children released from poverty. He shares how 67 years ago they started by sponsoring 35 children and now they are able to help over 2 million!

  • Interview with Jay Argaet, Communications Director

    Episode 19

    Join our hosts as they interview Jay Argaet, the Communications Director at Hillsong Church, backstage at Hillsong Conference 2019.

  • Creative Prayer Meeting & Farewell

    Episode 20

    Join in the Creative Prayer meeting before the last night session of Hillsong Conference 2019! Our hosts say goodbye until next year from this years Hillsong Conference Live Backstage - see you in 2020!