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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Day 1 - Backstage Begins!


Up Next in 2019

  • Day 1 - Devotional with Terry Crist -...

    Join Terry Crist at Hillsong Conference Backstage 2019 as he shares a devotional on how the church is the answer to the world. Jesus declared that he will build his church and his church is alive and flourishing.

  • Day 2 - Welcome with Scott 'Sanga' Sa...

    Good morning from Day 2 of Hillsong Conference 2019! Join Scott 'Sanga' Samways and Peter Toggs as they explore backstage, drop in on Bobbie Houston, do some vocal warm ups and find Taya Gaukrodger's bacon and egg roll.

  • Day 2 - Master Class with Angela Bach...

    Join Niyah Rahmaan backstage at Hillsong Conference 2019 as she interviews Angela Bachtle, the Principal of Hillsong College. Gain insight into Hillsong College, and how through discipleship they are building community and creating leaders for tomorrow.