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Chad Veach

Chad Veach

Chad Veach is the founder of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, California. Chad is well-loved for his relevant and hilarious preaching style. Chad is married to Julia and together they have four children.

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Chad Veach
  • Chad Veach

    Join Brian Houston as he talks to Chad Veach, Pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles. Chad shares the story about his daughter and her health condition and how it prompted him to write a book.

  • Root Remedy - Chad Veach

    Pastor Chad Veach, a leading voice of this generation, speaks from Luke 7. A powerful reminder that the Holy Spirit knows exactly what we need, and is ready to give us comfort and empowerment right when we need it.

  • Chad Veach

    Pastor Terry Crist and your host Niyah Rahmaan talk to Pastor Chad Veach about what he takes away from Hillsong Conference as a pastor. Chad opens up about the journey of having a special needs child and having faith in the midst of disappointments and challenges.

  • Live at Sydney - with Brian Houston & Chad Veach

    Pastor Brian Houston delivers a message on "Kings & Queens". Pastor Terry Crist & Niyah Rahmaan talk to Chad Veach about ministry, and the impact on their lives in raising a special needs child. We go backstage with Creative Producer Josh Bonett as he chats about the conference opener.

  • Live at Sydney - with Chad Veach

    Brian and Jenn Johnson share a profound personal story and lead us in worship. We are blessed to hear Erwin Mcmanus’ conference message before we jump over to the Young & Free Conference to hear from Chad Veach.