Charles Nieman

Charles Nieman

Charles Nieman is the founder and pastor of Abundant Living Faith Center in El Paso, Texas. His ministry and teaching have expanded across the globe as he trains pastoral leaders and inspires many at conferences and events. Charles’ mandate has always remained the same: to teach people how to enjoy the abundant life that Jesus came to give. Charles is more determined than ever to continue to make a difference across the earth.

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Charles Nieman
  • The Choice to Grow - Charles Nieman

    Charles Nieman poses this challenging question, “Is your life bearing all the fruit that it could be?” It is God's will for us to grow, but it won't happen automatically - growth needs a conscious decision and effort. So, the question now is, do you want to grow?

  • A Future and A Hope - Charles Nieman

    Pastor Charles Nieman speaks to us from Jeremiah 29:11, reminding us that God’s purpose for our lives is not passive, but proactive. God wants to give us a future and a hope so that we might be increased and not diminished.

  • I Am A Child Of God - Charles Nieman

    Pastor Charles Nieman teaches us that once we become a child of God, we can be assured of His destiny for us. It's God in us that helps us make wiser and better decisions but watch out for the barking dogs!

  • When Life Doesn't Play Along - Charles Nieman

    Pastor Charles Nieman delivers an uplifting message for those who are in a hard season of life. Charles shares about the death of his wife, what kept him going and how he recovered. Charles uses the story of King David as an illustration.

  • Charles Nieman and Lisa Harper

    In this double episode we hear from Charles Nieman who teaches us that it's the doer of the Word, not just the understander of the Word, who enjoys the Kingdom of God. Lisa Harper speaks to us about how perfection is not a prerequisite for relationship with God. It's all about His compassion, not...

  • New Wine - Charles Neiman

    As followers of Christ, we are called to grow and change to become more like Him. God wants to pour new wine into our lives, but we first need new wineskins. In this episode, Charles Nieman encourages us that through the work of the Holy Spirit, we can develop new wineskins and receive all God ha...

  • Recovery Life - Charles Nieman

    Hillsong Church special guest Pastor Charles Nieman shares a personal story about how God turned around a situation he was facing in a powerful way. Charles preaches from Joel 2 - if the devil has taken something from us, God wants to help us get our life back and more.