Chris Durso

Chris Durso

Pastor Chris Durso is the founder of the Misfit movement, a local youth ministry with global impact based in New York. Chris also serves as the senior associate pastor at Christ Tabernacle Church in New York. Chris and his wife, Yahris, are passionate about bringing the Gospel to all generations, committed to seeking the presence of God and helping others encounter Him.

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Chris Durso
  • Student vs Scavenger - Chris Durso

    We are all called to be students of the Word. There are a lot people who want the diploma, but who aren’t willing to do the hard work! Pastor Chris Durso challenges us to keep away from a spirit of entitlement. We can choose to be either a student or a scavenger.

  • Some Storms You Can Stop - Chris Durso

    As Christians, the most fulfilling place to be is in the middle of God’s will. We are called to walk by faith even when it’s difficult and doesn’t make sense. There are some storms we can stop by simply being obedient and faithful to the plan of God.

  • There Is Life - Chris Durso

    No matter what we are facing we can be full of hope because with God nothing is impossible. As we learn to pray desperately, specifically and instantly we can see God’s power at work in our life. With God, there is life.