Colour Car Rides

Colour Car Rides

Join Karalee Fielding as she drives some of our Hillsong team to Colour Conference 2020. We get to hear the journey, personal stories and hilarious moments from the likes of David Ware, Jonathon Douglass, Annie Garratt and so many more. This is a car ride you don’t want to miss!

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Colour Car Rides
  • Angela Bachtle & David Ware

    Join your host Karalee Fielding as she drives Hillsong Pastor Angela Bachtle and Hillsong Worship’s David Ware to Colour Conference 2020 in Sydney, Australia. Angela talks about finding a place in the Sisterhood and the Colour journey. David describes the atmosphere of worship when the women gather.

  • Annie & Brent Garratt

    Join Karalee Fielding in this fun car ride to Colour Conference as she drives Annie and her hilarious husband Brent Garratt. Annie shares what Colour means to her personally and what she receives from it each year. Brent and Karalee play a fun word association game breaking down the theme for Col...

  • Donna Crouch

    Karalee Fielding speaks to Hillsong Pastor Donna Crouch on their way to Colour Conference 2020. Donna talks about the journey of Colour and the Sisterhood from the very beginning and shares a profound moment for her that happened because of Colour Conference. They pick up Hillsong Worship’s David...

  • JD & Tyler Douglass

    Join Karalee Fielding as she drives brothers Jonathon Douglass from Hillsong United and Tyler Douglass from Hillsong Young & Free. They share their experience of growing up in a church that esteems women and places value on them and how Colour Conference has impacted them. JD shares hilarious, aw...