Colour Conference: Main Stage

Colour Conference: Main Stage

12 Seasons

Take a front row seat and be encouraged by the teaching from Hillsong's Colour Conference for women, where placing value on humanity is at the heart.

Colour Conference: Main Stage
  • Come Back to the Father - Sy Rogers

    Episode 1

    Sy Rogers shares his personal story and how his life was changed when he surrendered to God. Sy focuses on the story of Naaman. God will work with you through personal issues and help you heal if you let Him. He is our father who sees what happens to you and who hurts with you.

  • Understanding the Age We Live In - Sy Rogers

    Episode 2

    Sy Rogers talks about the importance of knowing the times we live in. He illustrates this by showing how the Israelites had feasts and memorials to remember the faithfulness of God in the past to understand the present and future and how through it all, God is still in control.