Colour Conference: The Green Room

Colour Conference: The Green Room

4 Seasons

Hang out in the Colour Conference Green Room and join exclusive interviews with special guests from the conference.

Colour Conference: The Green Room
  • Judah and Chelsea Smith

    Episode 1

    We kick off Colour Green Room season one with Danielle Jeyaratnam's hilarious conversation with Judah and Chelsea Smith. You will be deeply impacted by this couple as they share honestly about their marriage, ministry and faith.

  • Judith Crist

    Episode 2

    Pastor Judith Crist sits down with Danielle Jeyaratnam in the Green Room today. Judith shares incredible insight from both joyful and heartbreaking experiences in her own life, as well as exciting stories about pioneering Hillsong Phoenix.

  • Sue Keehan

    Episode 3

    Pastor Sue Keehan talks to Danielle Jeyaratnam in this challenging and inspiring episode. Sue talks about the heartbreaking events that God has helped her to overcome and the ministry her and her husband pioneer in Western Australia.

  • Cathy Clarke

    Episode 4

    Danielle Jeyaratnam interviews Hillsong London Lead Pastor Cathy Clarke in the Green Room today. Cathy talks all things Sisterhood, faith, family and Colour - including her husband - Gary's hilarious rendition of God Save the Queen!

  • Lisa Bevere

    Episode 5

    April Miller interviews Lisa Bevere in this exciting episode of the Colour Green Room. Lean in as Lisa speaks openly about the highs and lows of ministry, marriage and life in this touching, and funny conversation.

  • DawnChere Wilkerson and Laura Lentz

    Episode 6

    This jam-packed episode of The Colour Green Room features two pioneering female pastors from the USA - DawnCheré Wilkerson, and Laura Lentz as they share what is closest to their hearts.

  • Kat Hansen

    Episode 7

    Join Kylie Di Mauro and Kat Hansen in the Green Room today. Kylie and Kat chat about motherhood, faith, how Kat met her husband Thomas, and some of the high lows or her ministry journey.

  • Lina Nielsen

    Episode 8

    Lina Nielson sits down with Nicola Douglass in this episode of Colour Green Room. Lina shares candidly about motherhood and ministry in this touching and insightful conversation.

  • Lucille Houston

    Episode 9

    In this episode Rebekah Abreu kicks back with Pastor Lucille Houston. Lucille lets us in on what it’s been like as a member of the Houston family, and shares insight into being a young mom and pioneering church in LA.

  • Brooke Ligertwood

    Episode 10

    Join Nicola Douglass and Brooke Ligertwood in the Green Room as they talk about vulnerability in worship, Brooke’s career in the music industry, and becoming a mum. You won’t want to miss this intimate and insightful conversation.

  • Holly Wagner

    Episode 11

    Lead Pastor of Oasis Church Los Angeles - Holly Wagner - opens up to Danielle Jeyaratnam about challenges, ministry, marriage, her Colour Conference message and her tattoo! Lean in as Holly shares incredible wisdom and honest insight.

  • Jo Haverkamp

    Episode 12

    Kylie Di Mauro interviews Pastor Joanna Havercamp, in this exciting episode of Colour Green Room. Joanna shares about her days at Hillsong College, meeting her husband, and pioneering women's ministry in Hillsong Germany.

  • Lucinda Dooley

    Episode 13

    Pastor Lucinda Dooley joins Danielle Jeyaratnam in the Green Room today. Lucinda tears up as she shares amazing stories from her mission field as well as candid (and at times hilarious!) insights from her own journey.

  • Lucy Mendez

    Episode 14

    Pastor Lucy Mendez joins Nicola Douglas on the Green Room couch is this inspiring episode. Lucy shares tearfully and beautifully about the challenges and triumphs of moving her family across the world to start Hillsong Argentina.

  • Maree de Jong

    Episode 15

    Kylie Di Mauro is joined in the Green Room by Lead Pastor of Life Church New Zealand, Maree de Jong. Maree shares about leadership, vulnerability and her heart for women's ministry.

  • Helen Burns and Marilyn Skinner

    Episode 16

    We feature back-to-back interviews with two incredible Kingdom women: Marilyn Skinner - Co-founder of Watoto, and Helen Burns - Lead Pastor of Relate Church. Get ready to laugh and cry as they share beautiful stories and revelations.

  • Damsy Mich and Camille White

    Episode 17

    Get a glimpse of what God is doing in Europe as both Damsy Mich and Camille White are on the Green Room couch today. Hear from these two young women give expression to what the early days of pioneering a church is like.

  • Christine Caine

    Episode 18

    Old friends Kylie Di Mauro and Christine Caine are on the Green Room couch. Christine shares about her passions that birthed both A21 and Propel Women; she also shares about being a mum in her 40’s and her own faith journey.