Colour Conference: The Green Room

Colour Conference: The Green Room

4 Seasons

Hang out in the Colour Conference Green Room and join exclusive interviews with special guests from the conference.

Colour Conference: The Green Room
  • Priscilla Shirer

    Episode 1

    Pastor Lucinda Dooley, interviews international speaker and author Priscilla Shirer about making movies, prayer, setting priorities and learning to balance competing demands for her time.

  • Helen Cupples & Secu Thampy

    Episode 2

    Pastor Dee Cook talks to Helen Cupples about how the Colour message encouraged her to get involved in the fight against human trafficking. Vision Rescue’s Secunda Thampy talks about sharing the message of Sisterhood with the women of India.

  • Angela Posada & Andrea Ramos

    Episode 3

    Debbie Van der Kolk talks to Andrea Ramos about the impact the message of value is having on the women in Bulgaria. We also talk to Angela Posada about navigating the challenges of infertility and the tension waiting for the miracle.

  • Kirstin Reinhardt & Joyce Wilkerson

    Episode 4

    Guests Kristin Reinhardt and Joyce Wilkerson join Joanna Haverkamp as they talk about their own personally defining Colour moments, and the joys and challenges of bringing the Sisterhood message of value to the women of Germany.

  • Chantel Norman & Louise Cherrie

    Episode 5

    Chantel Norman shares her remarkable testimony of overcoming abuse, and learning the power of forgiveness. Julie Galanti sits down with Louise Cherrie to talk about running a relatable 21st century women’s ministry.

  • Anna Farley & Lirika Davis

    Episode 6

    Anna Farley shares her story of being a teenage mum and overcoming deep shame and insecurity. Lirika Davis, who grew up in a Muslim home, shares how her life changed after meeting Jesus and the impact that’s had on her wider family.