Colour Conference: The Green Room

Colour Conference: The Green Room

4 Seasons

Hang out in the Colour Conference Green Room and join exclusive interviews with special guests from the conference.

Colour Conference: The Green Room
  • Bobbie Houston & Laura Toggs

    Episode 1

    Pastor Bobbie Houston and her daughter, Laura Toggs, talk about Bobbie's heart for Colour Conference, placing value on womanhood, Laura's heart for young women and the Secret Garden, and the importance of honest and vulnerable leadership.

  • Lisa Harper

    Episode 2

    Niyah Rahmaan & Sarah Morgan interview Bible teacher and author Lisa Harper. They talk about the challenges of adopting as a single parent, learning to recognise God’s voice, comparison, and the importance of Christian community.

  • Cassandra Langton

    Episode 3

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Cassandra Langton about following the call of God and her healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sarah talks about learning to trust God in the midst of the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

  • Tolu Badders

    Episode 4

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Tolu Badders on her journey to becoming a COO and what it means to be confident in God. Tolu talks about the importance of the Colour message of value and where she had to rise up.

  • Christine Caine

    Episode 5

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Christine Caine. Christine shares her testimony and how she overcame her past, the difference between shame and guilt and how you can learn to move past shame into all that God has for you.

  • Sy & Karen Rogers

    Episode 6

    Niyah Rahmaan & Sarah Morgan interview Sy Rogers and his wife Karen about growing beyond your past and how God leads us on a journey of healing, learning to trust in difficult circumstances and advice for parenting in the internet age.

  • Lucy Mendez

    Episode 7

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Pastor Lucy Mendez about the challenge of moving to South America with a young family to plant a church and the importance of delivering the message of value to the women of South America.

  • Donna Crouch

    Episode 8

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Donna Crouch. They discuss learning to navigate the season you find yourself in (especially tough seasons); the dangers of comparison; and creating an environment that empowers young people.

  • Cassandra Langton, Jad Gillies & Brooke Ligertwood

    Episode 9

    Your hosts Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Cassandra Langton, Jad Gillies, and Brooke Ligertwood as they discuss worship as a weapon for spiritual warfare and remarkable stories of how worship is bringing freedom around the world.

  • Joanne Ramos

    Episode 10

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan talk to Joanne Ramos about her life long passion for missions work and what that looks like. Missions may be across the street, or in another country, but everyone has a part to play, no matter how small it may look.

  • Debbie Van Der Kolk

    Episode 11

    We interview Debbie Van Der Kolk from Hillsong Church Amsterdam about the challenges and complexities of building a church in a very secular and permissive city, and how they use the SHINE program to help women rescued from the trafficking industry.

  • Roma Downey

    Episode 12

    Bobbie Houston interviews Actor, Producer and President of LightWorkers Media, Roma Downey. She talks honestly about outworking her faith in the industry, the responsibility she believes it carries, and what she wished she knew as a younger woman.

  • Lina Nielsen

    Episode 13

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan talk to Lina Nielsen about growing up in Africa as the child of missionary parents and learning to trust God with her young daughter who was born with a serious medical condition.

  • Robert & Amanda Fergusson

    Episode 14

    We talk to bible teachers and key leaders of Hillsong Church, Robert and Amanda Fergusson. They talk about the foundational message of value and share incredible wisdom for the journey, and encouragement to all the parents out there.

  • Esther Houston

    Episode 15

    We talk to designer, model and entrepreneur Esther Houston, as she opens up about her own struggle with post-partum depression and her passion to help girls in the fashion industry understand their true value.

  • Marilyn Skinner

    Episode 16

    We talk to leader and founder of Watoto Ministries in Uganda, Marilyn Skinner, about the difference between being a follower and a disciple. Marilyn describes the incredible work of God in Uganda, and shares amazing stories of God's faithfulness and protection.

  • Emma Cooke

    Episode 17

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan talk to Pastor Emma Cooke, as she addresses seasons of big change, bringing the message of value and sisterhood to the women of Darwin and using the Shine program in schools to help vulnerable girls learn their value.

  • Joe & Kelia Termini

    Episode 18

    We interview Joe & Kelia Termini. Kelia is a champion pro-surfer, and Joe a talented photographer. Their conversation will inspire you to look at what is in your hand and find how you can use it for the glory of God!

  • Rose Medwin

    Episode 19

    We talk to Rose Medwin from Hillsong Hobart, a social worker specialising in high conflict situations. Rose opens up about getting involved with Compassion and their journey of adopting their Ethiopian daughter, and how to bring your kids along on the journey.

  • Margaret Stunt

    Episode 20

    Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview international speaker Margaret Stunt, about overcoming abuse and trauma from childhood, her salvation story and marriage restoration.

  • Elida Turner

    Episode 21

    Your hosts Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Pastor Elida Turner about her experience immigrating to Australia as a teenager, Sisterhood, empowering women, and the work they are doing with women's shelters on the Gold Coast and overcoming fear to follow the call of God.

  • Karalee Fielding, Danielle Jeyaratnum & Annie Garratt

    Episode 22

    Your hosts Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Danielle Jeyaratnam, Annie Garratt and Karalee Fielding about the importance of the Sisterhood message, teaching our boys to respect and value women, the danger of comparison and learning to navigate the demands of family, children, work and chu...

  • Julia Wann

    Episode 23

    Your hosts Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview Youth Pastor & Communications Director at Hillsong Church L.A Julia Wann. They talk about Hillsong College, moving to LA and the challenges that they face ministering to the youth of LA, and the importance of building relationships rather than c...

  • David Ware, Jonathon (JD) Douglass, & Alexander Pappas

    Episode 24

    Your hosts Niyah Rahmaan and Sarah Morgan interview David Ware, Alex Pappas and JD about performance verse worship, bringing your gift and serving in a team and keeping it all about Jesus.