Colour Conference: The Green Room

Colour Conference: The Green Room

4 Seasons

Hang out in the Colour Conference Green Room and join exclusive interviews with special guests from the conference.

Colour Conference: The Green Room
  • Lisa Bevere

    Episode 1

    Your Green Room hosts, Niyah and Cass, talk to Lisa Bevere about her journey to know Christ, why she's passionate about empowering women, the art of parenting and the opportunities that are opening up for the gospel to be preached in the Middle East.

  • Jessica Courtney

    Episode 2

    Our Green Room hosts, Niyah and Cass, chat with co-founder of the Preemptive Love Coalition, Jessica Courtney. She discusses life in Iraq and the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, the work of the Preemptive Love Coalition, and practical strategies to get more involved in your own community.

  • Beth Redman

    Episode 3

    Our hosts, Niyah and Cass, sit down with author and songwriter Beth Redman. Beth talks about writing songs with her husband Matt, the importance of worship, and she shares their heartbreaking journey to have children.

  • Heather Avis

    Episode 4

    Niyah and Cass talk to the incredible author and disability advocate, Heather Avis. Heather opens up about their journey through infertility and adoption, and why having children with Down Syndrome makes them some of "the lucky few".

  • Ben Houston

    Episode 5

    We talk to Ben Houston on the L.A Green Room couch. Ben talks about his heart for evangelism, pacing yourself in the face of opportunity and staying in your race for the long haul.

  • Autumn Hardman & Lauren Hodges

    Episode 6

    Niyah and Cass sit down with Autumn Hardman and Lauren Hodges, as they talk about learning to lead, discovering their identity in God, singleness and making the most of every season.

  • Natalie Manuel Lee

    Episode 7

    Wardrobe Stylist Natalie Manuel Lee joins Cass and Niyah on the L.A. Green Room couch. They talk about being a Christian in the fashion industry, wrestling with identity and finding your purpose.