Colour: The Edition

Colour: The Edition

2 Episodes

Experience the Colour Conference in a unique way. Hear the signature message from Pastor Bobbie Houston, the breathtaking creative presentations and inspiring stories of the impact of Colour Conference.

Colour: The Edition
  • Found in the Mystery of God - Bobbie Houston

    Episode 1

    Pastor Bobbie Houston continues her message on "Calling, Mandate & Mantle never get's old". She expands on how being vulnerable and brave never gets old. We also go backstage where we hear form pastors Helen Burns, Judith Christ, Sue Keehan, Lucy Mendez and Lucinda Dooley.

  • Prayer Never Gets Old - Bobbie Houston & Others

    Episode 2

    Pastor Bobbie Houston leads this beautiful session with a message about prayer. Bobbie shares about how prayer is our weapon and how #middaybabymidday came about. Pastor Robert Fergusson gives a powerful presentation on what prayer is and leads the conference into prayer.