God is the ultimate creator. His works are seen throughout the world and are more wonderful than we could ever try to explain or comprehend. We are made in His image which means that we too are creative beings – each one of us have the ability to use what God has placed within us to make a more beautiful world.

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  • Artists Still Live Here with Hannah Hobbs, Ben Hastings & More

    Join the conversation about artists with Pastor Hannah Hobbs and Benjamin Hastings. From Worship and Creative Conference 2019, they discuss their relationship with Jesus and all the struggles, rewards and challenges that come with the creative process.

  • Beautiful Chaos

    Hillsong Youth & Young Adults Pastor, Peter Toggs, talks about art, artists, creativity and how we all are part of God’s masterpiece. Sometimes things are chaotic, but it is only because the artist isn't finished yet. Have faith, trust and believe that God’s plan for you is beautiful and perfect. 

  • Creative Compass

    Join us in the main auditorium of Worship and Creative Conference 2018, as Rich Langton and the Hillsong Creative Team lay out eight points for living life as Kingdom-minded creatives.

  • Finding the Prophetic Edge in Creativity

    Join Hannah Hobbs at Worship and Creative Conference 2018, as she talks to Pastor Bobbie Houston, Joel Houston, Laura Toggs and Amanda Cook from Bethel about how we can find the prophetic edge while pursuing creativity.

  • Me, Myself, and a Pesky Fallen Angel - Bobbie Houston

    Join Pastor Bobbie Houston as she encourages all creatives to allow what God has put within us to enlarge, stretch, and strengthen. Give your best work to the Kingdom of God and watch Him pour into you with increase and take care of the desires of your heart. We will never come up short by giving...

  • Team Night

    We hear from Gabe Kelly and Brad Kohring about the ‘Three C’s’: Community, Creativity and Cultivation and how to practically build and outwork this within the creative team. They also talk about the importance of Team Night and investing into the creative team.

  • The Others

    Join this interview style Co-Lab from Worship and Creative Conference 2019 as we hear how a heart for people together with a product can be something that helps others. We speak to three people with very different pasts, who use their creativity for God’s kingdom.

  • The Others - Part 1

    Part one of “The Others” includes an interview, conducted by Brooke Ligertwood, with Sean Feucht about his experience using his creative gifts to serve others and bring the gospel into closed nations around the world.

  • The Others - Part 2

    “The Others” continues with Pastor Cass Langton, as she hosts a panel discussion about how to use creative gifts to serve others and how to implement practical change in the world around you.

  • Thinking Well

    Join these 16 professionals from theology, to psychology, to creative artists as they discuss mental health, living in your calling and creating for God and with God. This Co-Lab is led by Ben Fielding and Chrishan Jayarathnam, on the bench we have Pastor Robert Fergusson, Taya Gaukrodger, Laura ...

  • The Wondrous Adventure of Finding Clarity - Cass Langton

    Cass Langton gives some insight on how to overcome the fog and find clarity in God again. We were created to make art in a way that helps people out of their darkness and into light, and that shows them God is real, present, and has a plan for all humanity.