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Do you have unrealised dreams? Has God placed dreams in your heart, but you have no idea how to outwork them or how they will come to pass? God has a purpose for each one of us and He has placed dreams and visions in us for a reason. Trust Him, follow His promptings and stay faithful; His plans will prevail.

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  • A Night Of Hope with Joel & Victoria Osteen

    Joel and Victoria Osteen share together in this episode, talking around the topic, “Night of Hope”. Joel and Victoria use this opportunity to speak life into God’s dreams for your life.

  • Dream Again - Chris Hodges

    Pastor Chris Hodges delivered this incredible message at Hillsong Conference. Have you lost your vision? Chris encourages us to know that we serve a 'once more' kind of a God. He'll give you the vision and dream again.

  • Look Up, Look Out, Look Down

    From a personal place of questioning his own ability to dream, Pastor Ben Houston brings this message on “Look Up, Look Out, Look Down”. Be inspired to dream as Pastor Ben shares his revelation from the Bible on this topic.

  • Of Dreams and Visions

    Pastor Terry Crist speaks about the importance of dreaming dreams and having visions, and how God speaks to us through our dreams. An encouraging message that will help people get about the future and what God has in store for them.

  • Positioned For Blessing - Righteous Ownership

    How are we positioning ourselves in life? Pastor Brian Houston shares around the parable of the workers in the field in Matthew 20. We set the life we dream of living so we need to grab hold of eternal perspective and eternal principals.

  • The Lazarus Effect

    Pastor Terry Crist speaks on the subject of prayer and brings a powerful word about the story of Lazarus. This sermon focusses on revival and new life for prayers and dreams that feel as if they've died.

  • Touch The Sky Part 2

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston continues his series on “Touching the Sky”. He talks about Abraham's dream becoming reality and how the same can happen to you if only you would fall on your knees.

  • Under an Open Heaven - Bill Johnson

    In this episode, Pastor Bill Johnson teaches us about how the heart of God cannot fully be displayed by Christians simply operating out of obedience to ritual and law. He explains that God also wants to reveal Himself through the full lives and fulfilled dreams of His people.

  • Understanding the Realm of Dreams and Visions - Part 1

    Join Pastor Brian as he continues to speak on the Holy Spirit brings a word around the importance of understanding the realm of dreams and visions.

  • Understanding the Realm of Dreams and Visions - Part 2

    What is your vision for the future? In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston encourages us to live with Spirit-filled dreams and visions regardless of our age. Join Brian as he prays for God to breathe life into our dreams and to help us dream again for what is in the future.

  • Your Dream Is Your Destiny

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston speaks on the potential that can come from our dreams. Brian looks at the life of Joseph and what it means to be a dreamer – to dream God-given dreams and the challenges we may face pursuing those dreams.