Earl McClellan

Earl McClellan

Founder and lead pastor of Shoreline City Church in Dallas, Texas, Earl McClellan is an excellent communicator passionate about developing leaders who are committed to making a difference in the world around them – inside and outside of the church. Shoreline Church has locations all around the world as Earl’s ‘come as you are’ teaching style has grown the church exponentially. Earl’s favourite role is as husband to his wife, Oneka, and father to his three children.

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Earl McClellan
  • Snake Heads and Saturdays - Earl McClellan

    In this message from Hillsong Conference 2019, Earl McClellan encourages us around the seasons of waiting in our lives. He inspires us to be who God has called us to be and to practice patience because the promises of God will always come through.

  • Breakfast is Ready - Earl McClellan

    We serve a God who is always working on our behalf. Even when we walk through tough times, we can rest on the knowledge that our God has only good things planned for us.

  • Stewarding a Move of God - Earl McClellan

    In this episode Pastor Earl McClellan preaches on “Stewarding a move of God”. A move of God is impacting and life changing, but it’s also very messy in our carefully planned out lives. We need to surrender to God’s will and use what God has given us if we want to follow a move of God.

  • Live at Sydney with Earl McClellan and Joseph Prince

    In this episode from Hillsong Conference 2019 we join Joseph Prince in the main arena for a beautiful message titled, ‘The Love of God for You’. We then catch up with Earl McClellan in the foyer where he opens up about his journey into ministry. All this and more from Hillsong Conference 2019.