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  • Hillsong UNITED: The People Tour (Live from Madison Square Garden)

    Movie + 23 extras

    Join Hillsong UNITED on The People Tour at their live concert in Madison Square Garden, an iconic arena in New York City. Be a part of this powerful and passionate worship session, with songs such as 'Good Grace', 'As You Find Me' and 'Whole Heart'.

  • Hillsong Worship: These Same Skies

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    Since the very beginning, God’s glory has been displayed in the heavens—His faithfulness and splendour on parade from the rising of the sun to the place where is sets. These same skies that declare God’s glory, are the same skies under which Christ Jesus was born, lived, was crucified and rose ag...

  • Evil Good Trailer

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    Set against the cartel-controlled streets of Phoenix in the late 90’s, Evil Good is the true story of dedicated police detective and devoted family man, Victor Escoto. Having fled the abuse of his childhood to f...

  • Selah
    11 items


    11 items

    Selah invites you to pause and reflect. In the bible it says to "Be still and know that I am God". When we rest and reflect on the things of God we are inviting Him to renew and refresh us, and what better way to do that by admiring his glorious creation and scripture.

  • Hillsong United - Are We There Yet? Lyric Videos

    14 items

    Brand New Album from UNITED 'Are We There Yet?'

    This album is a collection of songs about a journey — exploring the challenges, heartache, and magnificence of this life of faith. ‘Are We There Yet?’ aims to resuscitate lives on the brink; reminding us that God hasn’t changed, His word hasn’t cha...

  • Touch of Heaven

    3 seasons

    You are not alone. No matter how hopeless things may be for you right now, there is always a way through. Together, let’s seek breakthrough and victory in your situation right now as we pray, partake in communion, worship and get into God’s Word. Let’s truly seek God and all He is.

  • The Chosen

    1 season

    A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A young tax collector ostracized by society. A religious leader questioning his faith tradition.

  • What Do You See?

    4 seasons

    We all need light for living. In this series, Robert Fergusson gives insight, wisdom and practical instruction on how to live a life that pleases God.

  • Hillsong Teaching with Donna Crouch

    2 seasons

    Donna is an articulate and compelling speaker, who has been on staff at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, for more than 35 years. She is passionate about championing the cause of justice and seeing lives transformed by the power of Christ through the local church.

  • Hillsong Young & Free: All Of My Best Friends

    Movie + 19 extras

    Recorded live at Summer Camp in Sydney Australia, Hillsong Young & Free look to gather a generation around bold devotion and tireless truth with their latest album All of my Best Friends. With a sense of togetherness as we live out historic times, join Y&F for raw, passionate worship.

  • Colour Conference: Main Stage

    12 seasons

    Take a front row seat and be encouraged by the teaching from Hillsong's Colour Conference for women, where placing value on humanity is at the heart.


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    Support the film with your donation of any amount. Your gift today will directly support future creative projects of faith, hope and redemption being sent around the world.

    Set against the cartel-controlled streets of Phoenix in the late 90’s, Evil Good is the true story of dedicated police dete...

  • Hillsong Worship: Awake

    24 items

    Join Hillsong Worship in raw and passionate praise and worship with this compilation of acoustic, lyric and live recordings of their songs from their album Awake released in 2019 and the deluxe version in 2020. Their prayer is that these songs draw you closer to Jesus, encourage you and bring you...

  • We Are Sisterhood: The Friendship Table

    1 season

    There is nothing like gathering around a table with friends! Join Hillsong Sisterhood as they do just that. Hosted by Bobbie Houston and friends they take time for the things worthy of conversation. The wisdom here will help you navigate the big and small things in this uncertain world.