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Faith-Filled Messages For You!

Faith-Filled Messages For You!

These selected messages are made available to you for free on-demand. You can also watch Hillsong Channel on the LIVE STREAM 24/7 for free. More than ever, people need faith, encouragement and peace – and that is exactly what we are going to share. As a channel, we are committed to airing messages of hope, powerful worship and creative programming that inspire you in every season of life. We pray blessing, protection and peace over you and yours.

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Faith-Filled Messages For You!
  • A Brighter Tomorrow

    Are you fearful of the future or do you dread thinking about what lies ahead? Pastor Gary Clarke shares from Proverbs 31; God doesn't want our past to colour our future - He wants us to look at our future and smile!

  • Turn Your Panic Into Peace

    Pastor Lucinda Dooley teaches us to turn our panic into peace. She reminds us that God is not distant but is right there with us in the boat during the storm.

  • Finding Peace in Trouble

    The Bible tells us to continue to believe, does that mean we ever discontinue? Pastor Gary Clarke looks at the teaching of John and how belief brings the power of God into our lives on a personal level. God is not about “do good get good”.

  • A Revolution of Peace - Bobbie Houston

    In a world so uncertain and full of unrest, we need to know the one who is our peace. Pastor Bobbie delivers this message titled, “A Revolution of Peace”.

  • Alone I'm Overwhelmed, Together We Overcome

    God designed us to be in community, but the more society creates devices for us to connect, the more disconnected we seem to be. Continuing his theme, “Better Together”, Pastor Phil Dooley preaches from Romans 12 - we are all part of the body of Christ, and need each other to function as He inten...

  • When Faith Talks

    Pastor Brian Houston presents an uncommon idea that faith is a language, with a tone and a sound, that is contrary to the language of this world. Through this message, we learn how to speak the language of faith that speaks life and hope into the people around us.

  • The Wondrous Adventure of Finding Clarity - Cass Langton

    Cass Langton gives some insight on how to overcome the fog and find clarity in God again. We were created to make art in a way that helps people out of their darkness and into light, and that shows them God is real, present, and has a plan for all humanity.