Thankfulness is a major theme throughout the Bible. Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness keeps our eyes off of what we don’t have and on God from who every good thing comes. Living in gratitude helps us live free and in turn to be generous to others. Learn more about what it means to have a spirit of gratitude no matter what circumstance you may find yourself in.

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  • Unreasonable Gratitude

    Pastor Terry Crist speaks on prayer and focusses on Unreasonable Gratitude. It's easy to give thanks and praise when prayers are answered, but what about when they aren’t? Terry encourages us to have a disposition of thanks no matter the circumstance. Thankfulness and a grateful heart set the fou...

  • I'm Just So Grateful

    Pastor Carl Lentz challenges us with the question, “How would you sum up your relationship with Jesus in one sentence?” He continues to inspire us not to lose our grateful spirit. Carl uses Luke 17 to encourage us around the strength of gratitude.

  • To Be

    Pastor Gary Clarke talks about the blessing it is to be generous and grateful. It is more blessed to give than it is to receive. Giving makes us better, happier, and we have the peace of God when we are people who give.

  • Thank You Thank You Thank You - Part 1

    Pastor Carl Lentz talks about thankfulness – thankfulness is a lifeline linking you back to the cause. “Thank you” should be the only adequate response when people ask what we think about God. We should all live in a spirit of gratefulness.

  • Thank You Thank You Thank You - Part 2

    Pastor Carl Lentz teaches from Psalm 118. 'Thank you' connects us with Jesus, it unlocks blessing and helps us to never forget where we came from. Being thankful is a spirit and an attitude and should push us towards worshipping God.

  • Thank You Jesus: The Power Of Appreciation

    The power of appreciation is greatly underrated. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston talks about being thankful and raising the value of God and others in our lives.

  • When Faith Is Now - Part 1

    Join Pastor Brian Houston in part 1 of 'When Faith is Now'. Brian talks about how we can practically stand firm in our faith now, especially during the current circumstances we are experiencing across the earth. We need to be thankful to God for yesterday, we need to have faith that God can chang...