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Gregory Dickow, Power to Change Today

Gregory Dickow, Power to Change Today

7 Episodes

Gregory Dickow, alongside his wife Grace, lead Life Changers Church in Chicago. He values honest teaching that is grounded in God's word and truth, as he shares the message that God's love is unconditional. He is passionate about helping others change from the inside out, as changing your thinking effects everything.

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Gregory Dickow, Power to Change Today
  • The 2021 "All You Can Eat" Fast From Wrong Thinking

    Episode 1

    It's the 2021 release of the revolutionary Fast From Wrong Thinking! It’s not a fast from food. It’s not a fast from social media or technology. It’s a fast from WRONG THINKING!

  • Your Calling Is Found in Your Conquering

    Episode 2

    The Bible says we are more than conquerors because of God's love! This episode shows how to conquer whatever we are facing, which will bring us closer to fulfilling our God-given calling.

  • Breakthrough Living: The Miracles of Communion

    Episode 3

    When Jesus came to the Earth, He brought life through the shedding of His blood. This episode expounds on the miraculous power of communion and how we can access it today!

  • 7 Steps to Emotional Health & Healing

    Episode 4

    What is Jesus' prescription for emotional health and healing? This life-changing episode will reveal the steps God takes to bring healing to the soul.

  • The Most Powerful Words on Earth

    Episode 5

    This episode will show how to experience happiness, miracles, and destiny. The principles of God's Word have been proven true and can be trusted to bring solutions to experience victory!

  • Silencing the Voices of the Enemy

    Episode 6

    This episode will show how to use God's gifts and authority to defeat the accusing voices once and for all; how to put your faith in God's voice instead!

  • Never Alone Again: Freedom from Emotional Pain

    Episode 7

    Every problem in the world today is the result of man's separation from God. This biblically-based episode teaches on the journey to freedom from all pain.