Church Online: Australia

Church Online: Australia

Catch up on Hillsong Australia's online services! Join in beautiful praise and worship and be inspired by messages from the Hillsong Australia team.

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Church Online: Australia
  • Brian Houston - 27th September 2020

    Pastor Brian brings a fantastic message titled 'You Will Prevail', encouraging us to build our lives on the right foundation. What is prevailing in your life at the moment? Brian gives us 7 things to confess over our lives.

  • Scott 'Sanga' Samways - 27th September 2020

    Scott "Sanga" Samways shares a message titled 'Enlarge Your Asking Capacity', challenging us on our expectation of God. Using the story of Elisha and Elijah, Sanga gives us practical points on how we can ask more from God. God will never run out of supply, He is always willing to give good things...

  • Steve Dixon - 2nd October 2020

    Pastor Steve Dixon preaches an encouraging message around hard seasons, with the title 'Gethsemane'.

  • Nathanael Wood - 4th October 2020

    Nathanael Wood brings an inspiring message titled "The Catalyst of Boldness". What could boldness in your heart, speed up in your life? Nathanael gives us scripture to encourage us to step into Godly boldness.

  • Chrishan Jeyaratnam - 4th October 2020

    Pastor Chrishan Jeyaratnam share a message about the posture of power. Contrary to popular culture, the posture of power isn't one of receiving honour and being served by others. It is to serve others, to wash their feet - which Jesus exampled.

  • Steve Dixon - 9th October 2020

    Pastor Steve Dixon preaches a practical and impacting message with the title 'Freedom Day'.

  • Robert Fergusson - 11th October 2020

    Robert Fergusson preaches on The Fruit of the Spirit, and aims to change the way we think about what the fruit of the spirit is. Robert looks at fruitfulness and encourages us to live a fruitful life.

  • Peter Toggs - 11th October 2020

    Peter Toggs preaches a message about being 'Immovable'. He shares about experiences in his life where he has drifted off course, and draws a comparison with our spiritual walk. Even if we have drifted, God hasn’t lost sight of us or left us. Peter encourages us to remain immovable in our faith, d...

  • James Turner - 16th October

    Pastor James Turner from Hillsong Brisbane preaches an impacting word for Sydney's Friday Night Service with the title 'where stood a wall now stands a way'.

  • Nathanael Wood - 18th October 2020

    Nathanael Wood speaks a message on a matter of perspective. A change of perspective can be the change you desperately desire.

  • Robert Fergusson - 18th October 2020

    Pastor Robert Fergusson brings the second part in his series "The Fruit of the Spirit" by looking at how we can produce patients, kindness, goodness in our life. Robert teaches us the difference between success and fruitfulness and how we can be of service to others.

  • Georg Pingel - 23th October 2020

    Pastor Georg Pingel preaches a powerful message with the title 'The Bride and The Body'.

  • Peter Toggs - 25th October 2020

    Peter Toggs preaches a message called "God in the Shadows", reminding us that God is still with us, even when it sometimes doesn't feel like it. God is there, working behind the scenes on every detail of our lives.