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Church Online: Australia

Church Online: Australia

Catch up on Hillsong Australia's online services! Join in beautiful praise and worship and be inspired by messages from the Hillsong Australia team.

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Church Online: Australia
  • Brian Houston - 26th April 2020

    In this service, Pastor Brain preaches a word on "Spiritual Wealth, Better Self, Mental Health". He challenges us to reflect on our own spiritual position - Am I spiritually alive? Am I spiritually wealthy? Am I spiritually healthy?

  • Chris Mendez - 26th April 2020

    Join us for church with a powerful word from Chris Mendes, and worship from Taya & the Hillsong United team. The church building may not be gathering, but church is still happening! Chris Mendes share a message around unshaken faith.

  • Chrishan Jayaratnam - 1st May 2020

    Pastor Chrishan Jayaratnam preaches an uplifting message titled 'Courage Under Fire', from the beach in Perth, Australia.

  • Brian Houston - 3rd May 2020

    Join pastor Brian and the team for this Sunday morning service with praise and worship, communion and a powerful word from Pastor Brian, titled 'Encouraged and Encouraging'. He challenges us to be encouraging in every sphere of life and speak encouragement into peoples future not negativity, as n...

  • Thomas Hansen - 3rd May 2020

    Join hosts Peter Toggs & JD for church, with worship led by Aodhan King and Young & Free and a message by Thomas Hansen, lead pastor of Hillsong Denmark.

  • Bobbie Houston - 10th May 2020

    Join Brian Houston, Laura & Willow Toggs for this beautiful Mother's Day service, with worship from JD, Taya and the team. Bobbie Houston shares a special message on "The Irresistible Nature of God". She shares her thoughts and revelations on how this season can be used to mature us for what is a...

  • Laura Toggs - 10th May 2020

    Join Brian Houston & Cass Langton and team for a special Mother's Day service! With beautiful worship led by Taya, Brooke and the team from Hillsong United, and a special word from Laura Toggs, as Hillsong visits the movies!

  • Nathanael Wood - 15th May 2020

    Pastor Nathanael Wood, the NSW State Pastor of Hillsong Church Australia, preaches a timely message with the title 'Blessed Assurance'.

  • Brian Houston - 17th May 2020

    Join Taya, JD, Matt, Jad and the team for worship, and an inspiring message from Pastor Brain titled, "When Faith Is Now". He encourages us to have faith for the now, and not to be ruled by what we see, giving us 7 things to do when faith is needed now.

  • Scott & Kety Samways - 17th May 2020

    Join Brian Houston and the team for this Sunday night service with worship and a faith filled sermon by husband and wife duo, Scott 'Sanga' and Kety Samways, our Hillsong Newcastle Campus Pastors.

  • Tim Douglass - 22nd May 2020

    Tim Douglass, State Pastor of Hillsong Victoria and Tasmania, speaks an uplifting message about 'The Process of Peace'.

  • Brian Houston - 24th May 2020

    Join the team for powerful worship led by Jad, Taya and the team. Pastor Brian continues his message from last week called "When Faith Is Now". He looks into the story of Joshua and Caleb and how they were the only ones who had faith and positivity in their situation.

  • Phil & Lucinda Dooley - 24th May 2020

    Join us for Church Online with Pastors Phil and Lucinda Dooley from Hillsong Church in Cape Town, who preach a profound word of faith.