Hillsong Church: Special Guests

Hillsong Church: Special Guests

9 Seasons

Join friends of Hillsong Church as they bring a powerful message from the Word of God.

Hillsong Church: Special Guests
  • Open Your Eyes - Chris Hodges

    Episode 1

    Pastor Chris Hodges speaks from John 4 – it is so important we try to see the world around us the way Jesus sees it. Look at the fields they are ripe for harvest; there is opportunity all around you.

  • I'm Not a Hostage - Steven Furtick

    Episode 2

    Pastor Steven Furtick teaches from Philippians 1 and how to live free from the dictation of your circumstances. Use the situation you’re in for the glory of God and remember God’s faithfulness.

  • Silent Saturday - Reggie Dabbs

    Episode 3

    In this beautiful Easter story message, Reggie Dabbs preaches about silent Saturday. God spoke loudly on the Friday when Jesus died on the cross, and when Jesus rose from the dead. Saturday is the day after the struggle and the day before the solution!

  • The Ingredients for a Miracle - Christine Caine

    Episode 4

    Join Christine Caine for this powerful message! It's not about what you and I can't do; it's always about what He can do. The ingredients for the miracle is in your midst.

  • Not by Sight - Cash Luna

    Episode 5

    Cash Luna preaches from Luke 18 about when Jesus returns. Will He find people using their faith? There's a crisis of faith that exists across the earth - many people attend church, but there are few that actually believe God. God has great things planned for us, but all it requires is faith!

  • Things my Mother Taught Me - Sheila Walsh

    Episode 6

    Join Sheila Walsh as she talks about three things she learned from her mum: the gift of grace - you cannot earn it, the gift of tough times - to prove that you can make it through and the gift of saying "Yes!" – being willing can change your whole world.

  • It's Not Safe, But It's Good - Tommy Barnett

    Episode 7

    Tommy Barnett gives an impartation of the things he's seen and learned of the working of the Holy Spirit. He talks about the life with God, which is not safe, but good. Tommy urges the church to do more, to expect more, and rely on the Holy Spirit.

  • The Year of Our Story - Danny Guglielmucci

    Episode 8

    Join Dany Guglielmucci for this inspiring message about living out your calling in Christ. Find your identity in deity, so you can walk out your destiny, live with authority and have victory in your life.

  • Hear the Sound - Christine Caine

    Episode 9

    Christine Caine delivers a powerful message, challenging us to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and stay the path God has for us. We need to declare and decree the promises of God – this activates our faith in the purposes God has for our lives!

  • When You Need Perspective - Judah Smith

    Episode 10

    Do you get overwhelmed by life's details and forget about what is important? Judah Smith preaches from Luke 5 about keeping perspective on the importance of our salvation.

  • Taste & See - Jeffrey Rachmat

    Episode 11

    The Bible tells us to taste and see that the Lord is good. Taste first, and then see? Jeffrey Rachmat talks about the level of trust you would have to have for this to happen! God requires faith from us. Faith is the language of the Kingdom.