Hillsong Church: Special Guests

Hillsong Church: Special Guests

9 Seasons

Join friends of Hillsong Church as they bring a powerful message from the Word of God.

Hillsong Church: Special Guests
  • Let's Be Awesome - Bob Goff

    Episode 1

    In this special message, Bob Goff talks about how God has the ability to turn small things into big things! We need to be the kind of people who point others to an awesome God. Scripture teaches us how to become love. Start small and become like Him.

  • Stuck in a Hallway - Sheila Walsh

    Episode 2

    Have you ever felt God promise you something only to have that door closed, leaving you feeling stuck in the hallway. Sheila Walsh teaches from the story of Joseph and God's calling on his life. Your history will not determine your destiny.

  • Surrounded by Grace - Reggie Dabbs

    Episode 3

    Once you've encountered grace, you will never be the same again. But what is grace? Reggie Dabbs talks about the beauty of grace, how we let grace in and the power of forgiveness - letting go of past hurts and shame.

  • Ride the Lightning - Levi Lusko

    Episode 4

    Pastor of Fresh Life Church, Levi Lusko, speaks about the necessary things for a move of God. He uses symbols to illustrate the two key ingredients needed, God's power and our life as a sacrifice to God.

  • The Power of Faith is in the Mouth - Cash Luna

    Episode 5

    Cash Luna, Senior Pastor of Casa de Dios church, passionately preaches on the faithfulness of God. Jesus says we shouldn’t worry about what we will eat or wear because God takes care of His children.

  • It's All Found In Jesus - Lisa Harper

    Episode 6

    Lisa Harper delivers a powerful message on perfection. Perfection isn't a prerequisite for a relationship with God. It's not about what we can do for God. It's actually not about us.

  • Fast Food Christians - Mike Pilavachi

    Episode 7

    The question Mike Pilavachi poses in this episode is, what kind of church do we need to be for the Holy Spirit to be at home? God is not looking for instant, plastic Christians, but slow roasted, deep, marinated in God's Spirit Christians!

  • Taking Your Life To The Next Level - Frank Damazio

    Episode 8

    How do you take your life to the next level? Frank Damazio shares three practical things you can do to step up in life: break out, let go and step up. How can you fulfil the vision you have for your life?

  • Get Out - Robert Madu

    Episode 9

    Robert Madu preaches a powerful message from Mark Chapter 5. The divine collision of texts here makes it clear that all of us are deeply connected. Not on the surface, but if you really study the Word, you'll see that all stories and testimonies intersect.

  • Acres of Diamonds - Jentezen Franklin

    Episode 10

    Don't be convinced by the enemy that there is more out there than there is in Jesus Christ. Jentezen Franklin talks about the diamond making process. It's born under extreme heat and pressure. God knows how much it takes to bring the diamond in you!

  • Connecting with God by Faith - Casey Treat

    Episode 11

    It is so easy to go through the motions of our Christian walk. Pastor Casey Treat talks about how often people are religious but not connected to God, and so do not experience all that God has for them.

  • When God Shifts - Steve Penny

    Episode 12

    Why is that when we see God shift, some people don't seem to rise to the occasion and grab the opportunity? Pastor Steve Penny challenges us to push through our weariness and be part of the God shift!