Hillsong Church: Special Guests

Hillsong Church: Special Guests

9 Seasons

Join friends of Hillsong Church as they bring a powerful message from the Word of God.

Hillsong Church: Special Guests
  • The Choice to Grow - Charles Nieman

    Episode 1

    Charles Nieman poses this challenging question, “Is your life bearing all the fruit that it could be?” It is God's will for us to grow, but it won't happen automatically - growth needs a conscious decision and effort. So, the question now is, do you want to grow?

  • Job and His Redeemer - Lisa Harper

    Episode 2

    Lisa Harper takes a look at the book of Job - the book of Job is about pain. If you know God, then the pain we are facing doesn’t seem that scary, and if we meet it head-on and look to God, we realise that God truly is close.

  • You Can Become A Miracle - Tommy Barnett

    Episode 3

    We hear from Tommy Barnett in this episode as he talks about God’s grace in our lives and all we do! God will show up when you move! Grace works when our faith kicks in but the first move is up to you!

  • Student vs Scavenger - Chris Durso

    Episode 4

    We are all called to be students of the Word. There are a lot people who want the diploma, but who aren’t willing to do the hard work! Pastor Chris Durso challenges us to keep away from a spirit of entitlement. We can choose to be either a student or a scavenger.

  • Faith That Marvels - Christine Caine

    Episode 5

    Christine Caine talks about having a marvellous faith. We can have mountain moving faith as we choose to trust and obey God. Strip off familiarity and be willing to go all in as we trust God because when we do, we can have a faith that causes Jesus to marvel.

  • Look - J John

    Episode 6

    As followers of Christ, there is more to life than just looking down and mindlessly walking around. Pastor J. John encourages us to look up, look back, look in, look around, and look forward. And as we do, we will see God’s glory in all directions and walk in the unique purpose He has for our lives.

  • Come As You Are - Sheila Walsh

    Episode 7

    In this episode, Shelia Walsh explains how living a full life with Jesus is a journey. Through each season, we experience times of testing and tiredness. But when we simply come to God as we are, we can experience true victory in Christ.

  • Salt of the Soil and Light of the Planet - Mark Varughese

    Episode 8

    As followers of Jesus, we are called to make a difference in every sphere of life. Pastor Mark Varughese encourages us to live a life worthy of the call of God, understanding that we are the salt of the earth and light of the world - we can change the world.

  • Wrestling With God - Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Episode 9

    In this episode, Rich Wilkerson Jr. explains how the Christian journey is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it can feel like we are wrestling with God. It is in those times where we grow the most. It’s moment of vulnerability and intimacy with God where He speaks to your potential.

  • Lost Letters - DawnChere Wilkerson

    Episode 10

    Our lives are a letter for the world to read, simply by looking at us. Each of our life letters is set in a context, have content, and are credited to an author. As we allow God to write our story within the community of believers we can become a love letter the world cannot help but read.

  • Something Great - Frank Damazio

    Episode 11

    Nothing is impossible with God. No matter what you are facing today God can turn it around. Frank Damazio encourages us to look to God and put our faith in Him, and when we do we can expect Him to do the impossible in our lives.

  • Canvas to Vastness - Charlotte Gambill

    Episode 12

    Like a puzzle, we all have a part to play. In this episode, Charlotte Gambill talks about the distance between the canvas and the vastness – how we can reach the world God has called us to. God has called the canvas of His Church to reach out to the vastness of His Kingdom.