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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

You Can Become A Miracle - Tommy Barnett


Up Next in Season 6

  • Student vs Scavenger - Chris Durso

    We are all called to be students of the Word. There are a lot people who want the diploma, but who aren’t willing to do the hard work! Pastor Chris Durso challenges us to keep away from a spirit of entitlement. We can choose to be either a student or a scavenger.

  • Faith That Marvels - Christine Caine

    Christine Caine talks about having a marvellous faith. We can have mountain moving faith as we choose to trust and obey God. Strip off familiarity and be willing to go all in as we trust God because when we do, we can have a faith that causes Jesus to marvel.

  • Look - J John

    As followers of Christ, there is more to life than just looking down and mindlessly walking around. Pastor J. John encourages us to look up, look back, look in, look around, and look forward. And as we do, we will see God’s glory in all directions and walk in the unique purpose He has for our lives.