Hillsong Conference Live

Hillsong Conference Live

4 Seasons

Your exclusive ticket to all things Hillsong Conference featuring amazing international speakers, stunning worship moments and insightful interviews.

Hillsong Conference Live
  • Live at Sydney with Earl McClellan and Carl Lentz

    Episode 1

    Kicking off the new season of Hillsong Conference Live is an action packed episode featuring a backstage interview with Ps Brian Houston, first time Hillsong Conference special guest Ps Earl McClellan sharing from the main stage, an in-depth interview with Ps Carl Lentz as well as a special appea...

  • Live at Sydney with Brian Houston and Christine Caine

    Episode 2

    Head to the mainstage of Hillsong Conference for Pastor Brian Houston's message, "It's Beginning to Rain". We also hear from a Theology panel as they discuss the topic of inclusion. Join UNITED backstage and hear Christine Caine's foyer interview right here on Hillsong Conference Live.

  • Live at Sydney with Brooke Ligertwood and Bill Johnson

    Episode 3

    Experience Hillsong Conference as we catch up with Brooke Ligertwood backstage where she talks about personal worship and spiritual discipline. We also head to the main stage where Bill Johnson delivers a powerful word on 'The Renewed Mind'.

  • Live at Sydney with Bobbie Houston and Louie Giglio

    Episode 4

    Join Pastor Bobbie Houston in the main arena of Hillsong Conference for her message, "The Art of Reconciliation". Our Theology panel discuss unity, and Rich Langton heads backstage to chat to Joel Houston while we interview Louie Giglio in the foyer. All this and more right here on Hillsong Confe...

  • Live at Sydney with Earl McClellan and Joseph Prince

    Episode 5

    In this episode from Hillsong Conference 2019 we join Joseph Prince in the main arena for a beautiful message titled, ‘The Love of God for You’. We then catch up with Earl McClellan in the foyer where he opens up about his journey into ministry. All this and more from Hillsong Conference 2019.

  • Live at Sydney with Joel Houston and Cass & Rich Langton

    Episode 6

    Go backstage on the all new Hillsong Conference Live where we chat to Louie Giglio while the foyer team catch up with Joel Houston. Head to the mainstage for a creative presentation from Cass and Rich Langton and an in-depth interview with incredible songwriters Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding.

  • Live at Sydney with Bill Johnson and Louie Giglio

    Episode 7

    Join us for Hillsong Conference Live where we hear from Louie Giglio on the main stage for his message titled, “Table for Two.” The theology panel discusses “Community”, while Bill Johnson talks about healing and stewarding the presence of God with our foyer team.

  • Live at Sydney with Hillsong Worship and Joseph Prince

    Episode 8

    Join Joseph Prince in the main arena of Hillsong Conference for his message ‘Fallen from Grace’. We head backstage to chat to Earl McClellan, while Nathan Finnochio interviews Hillsong Worship in the foyer.

  • Live at Sydney with Louie Giglio and John & Helen Burns

    Episode 9

    Join Louie Giglio in the main arena for his incredible message titled, "Fresh Wind and Fresh Revival". We head backstage to talk to Bill Johnson, while our foyer team interviews relationship experts John and Helen Burns.

  • Live at Sydney with Christine Caine, Carl Lentz and Hillsong UNITED

    Episode 10

    Join Carl Lentz in the main arena as he delivers an inspiring message titled, “I’m Getting Better”. Head backstage as we interview Christine Caine, while our foyer team chats to JD and Ben Hastings. Our Theology Panel continues their discussion on Restoration.

  • Live at Sydney with Chris Hodges and Bill Johnson

    Episode 11

    Your foyer host Nathan Finochio talks to Hillsong Conference guest Chris Hodges, and Young & Free perform an acoustic version of “Let Go”. Join Bill Johnson in the main arena for his message “Under an Open Heaven”.