Hillsong Conference Live - Bonus Interviews

Hillsong Conference Live - Bonus Interviews

28 Episodes

Enjoy these insightful interviews from the foyer studio, live at Hillsong Conference 2017.

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Hillsong Conference Live - Bonus Interviews
  • Jentezen Franklin

    Episode 1

    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. sits down with Jentezen Franklin and talks about the theme of the Holy Spirit emphasised at conference. Jentezen emphasises the importance of surrounding yourself with people who build you up and what he sees in the next generation.

  • Peter & Laura Toginavalu

    Episode 2

    Pastor Terry Crist and your host Niyah Rahmaan sit down to talk with Peter and Laura Toggs, about Young and Free Merchandise and how it helps start conversations about church. Pete and Laura open up about being intentional and authentic in youth ministry and the vision they have for Young and Free.

  • Lee Burns
    Episode 3

    Lee Burns

    Episode 3

    Your host Niyah Rahmaan sits down to talk to Hillsong College Vice President Lee Burns about the various streams and courses in Hillsong College and the benefits of coming to college. Lee tells his own journey of coming to college and eventually coming onto college staff.

  • John & Helen Burns

    Episode 4

    Host Niyah Rahmaan sits down to talk with John and Helen Burns about their show “Sex, Love & Relationships” on the Hillsong Channel. They open up about the transformation of their own marriage and how it’s helped them to help and equip other marriages. They talk about their journey of following t...