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Hillsong Conference Live

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Your exclusive ticket to all things Hillsong Conference featuring amazing international speakers, stunning worship moments and insightful interviews.

Hillsong Conference Live
  • Live at Sydney - with Brian Houston, Steven Furtick & Chris Tomlin

    Episode 1

    Join us for this episode as Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Chris Tomlin talk about worship leading and song writing. Steven Furtick discusses transferring vision from one generation to the next and we hear from Pastor Brian Houston on sin, forgiveness, grace and repentance.

  • Live at Sydney - with Chris Hodges, Carl Lentz & Hillsong UNITED

    Episode 2

    In this Hillsong Conference special, Rich Wilkerson Jr. sits down with Hillsong United, Pastor Carl Lentz stops by to chat with the Backstage Live crew about why he wrote his book and how to build relationships with people of different world views. Pastor Chris Hodges preaches on the power of hav...

  • Live at Sydney - with Judah Smith, Charles Nieman & Hillsong Young & Free

    Episode 3

    The best of Hillsong Conference as we join Pastor Brian Houston interviewing Judah Smith, who also preaches about confidence in our faith. Charles Nieman stops backstage and talks about the issues surrounding immigration in El Paso, Texas. And Hillsong Young & Free pop in for a visit.

  • Live at Sydney - with Steven Furtick, Chris Hodges and Terry & Judith Crist

    Episode 4

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. interviews Chris Hodges about leading yourself as a pastor and being effective Christians in the world. We join Steven Furtick for an inspiring message with worship from Hillsong Young & Free. Terry & Judith Crist stop by backstage for a chat.

  • Live at Sydney - with Steven Furtick, Paul de Jong & Robert Fergusson

    Episode 5

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. interviews Steven Furtick about utilising social media to bring people into a deeper connection with God. Pastor Robert Fergusson chats with the Backstage Crew, and Pastor Paul de Jong speaks in the Main Auditorium about "Living a Planted Life".

  • Live at Sydney - with Carl Lentz, Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United

    Episode 6

    Join us for the best from Hillsong Conference as Rich Wilkerson Jr. talks with Young & Free about their latest album. Chris Tomlin visits the Backstage Live crew and we also hear from Pastor Laura Lentz. Pastor Carl Lentz preaches a challenging message on loving people as Jesus did.

  • Live at Sydney - with Judah & Chelsea Smith, Christine Caine & Hillsong United

    Episode 7

    Join Hillsong Conference as Rich Wilkerson Jr. speaks with Judah and Chelsea Smith about ‘There Is More’ in every season of life. Hillsong United’s Taya introduces us to her husband Ben and ACC President Wayne Alcorn preaches on the power of the tongue.

  • Live at Sydney - with Chris Hodges & Hillsong Worship

    Episode 8

    Pastor Paul de Jong chats to the Backstage Crew. We also hear from Brooke Ligertwood, Jad Gilles and Reuben Morgan from Hillsong Worship. And Chris Hodges preaches about the four faces of God and four distinguishing qualities of a leader.

  • Live at Sydney - with Carl Lentz, Donna Crouch & John & Helen Burns

    Episode 9

    Join us for the best from Hillsong Conference as Rich Wilkerson Jr. speaks with Carl Lentz about loving people and carrying each other’s burdens. Pastor Donna Crouch preaches about reclaiming the agape love of God and taking it to the world, while Hillsong United leads worship in the Main Arena.

  • Live at Sydney - with Steven Furtick & Brian & Bobbie Houston

    Episode 10

    Pastor Brian Houston interviews Steven Furtick about how he faces criticism from the media. Rich Wilkerson Jr. talks with Brian and Bobbie about how he structures his messages and casts vision for conferences. Steven preaches about how the little you have is more than enough when it’s used for God.